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A piece in the “LUX” exhibition. (Courtesy Hillyer Art Space)

In the corner of the Members’ Gallery at Hillyer Art Space, an illuminated geometric structure made of polystyrene, radiates glowing white light.

Luminescence pulses with the vibrancy of life and extends into the viewer’s immediate space, inviting the plastic work’s human counterpart to reveal elements of his inner soul, to expose what is typically hidden under his hard and restrictive shell.

Hsin-Hsi Chen’s new series, “LUX,” explores the optical and cognitive effects of light and shadow when juxtaposed with illusionary or surreal light. Her study successfully elicits questions of fact versus fiction and confronts the opposing duo’s interplay within everyday life.

Just as it is at times perplexing to distinguish the corporeal shadows made by paper folds from the phantom darkness developed by diligent pencil shading, it is often difficult, sometimes confusing or impossible, to separate authenticity from fraud.

In “LUX,” pencil drawings, paper and wood objects, and a polystyrene structure engage in dialogue with one another, creating a visual progression marking Chen’s artistic process — from two to three-dimensions — as well as posing intriguing questions concerning illusionary and real space in everyday life.


  • “LUX” is on display at Hillyer Art Space until April 30, 2013.
  • Tuesday through Friday, noon to 6 pm; and Monday and Saturday, noon to 5 pm; closed Sunday.
  • 9 Hillyer Court NW.

Bringing the Art in DC to You – Roxanne Goldberg


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Garth Fry’s work is at Hillyer Art Space. (Courtesy ArtSee)

Garth Fry pushes the limit in his solo show at Hillyer Art Space by taking his delicate technique of coiled paper to the next level with both large and small scale exhibitions. In “A deeper look inside” Fry revisits this technique with an emphasis on the viewing experience, focusing on the ethereal, delicate properties of paper coils.

The imagery he creates with paper coils are inspired by events that have occurred through Garth’s everyday life; from everyday occurrences to life changing moments. His discovery of the technique has evolved from a routine life event when he discovered a natural coil on some torn paper in his studio and immediately appreciated it’s aesthetic value.

Fry’s earlier work depicts more objective subject matter using coils, but in his exhibition, “A deeper look inside,” he abstracts the form, focusing on the impact of the medium.

The solo exhibition at Hillyer Art Space, which closes this Friday March 29, showcases Fry’s push to enhance his work by reexamining the coiled paper technique and by creating works that can be viewed independently while providing an impactful viewing experience for the viewer.

“A deeper look inside” is open until Friday, March 29, at Hillyer Art Space, 9 Hillyer Court NW in Dupont Circle. Hillyer Art Space is open noon to 6 pm Tuesday through Friday, and noon to 5 pm Monday and Saturday.

Bringing the art in DC to you – Roxanne.


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Work by Angelika Wamsler. (Courtesy of Wamsler)

In her recent solo exhibition at Studio Gallery in Dupont Circle, Angelika Wamsler seeks to confront the viewer with his own memories, thoughts and other brain-happenings.

Wamsler’s works on paper, the backgrounds in a variety of deep colors, each with a unique set of overlapping and interweaving circles, combines several square paintings mounted on white boards.

The German-born artist studied theoretical physics and art before moving to Washington 11 years ago, where she has enjoyed experimenting with different media and participating in a variety of group shows.

Wamsler will be at Studio Gallery on Saturday, March 9, from 4 to 6 pm to discuss her work that explores how thoughts and memory are connected with one another, and the effect that particular events have on a person’s life, “the imprints on your soul,” as Wamsler describes the “ghost prints of your memories, solely visible to a non-conscious you” are thought-provoking and universally recognized.

Bringing the art in DC to you – Roxanne.


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