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Dark and Stormy, photo by Paul TaylorA bar in Shaw will become a haven for maritime bandits as part of a special promotion this weekend.

Eat the Rich (1839 7th St. NW) is set to host “pirate weekend” tomorrow night through Sunday. During the themed weekend, the bar’s staffers will sling $10 drinks like “pirate’s grog,” a concoction of rum, brown sugar, lime, Jamaican bitters, and mineral water; and dark and stormy cocktails on tap.

The bar will also serve such seaworthy fare as Rice Krispy treats infused with “dark and stormy” flavors and meaty “cannonballs” made with Thai pork sausage, egg and sriracha mayo.

As an added bonus, patrons who show up dressed up as pirates will receive 15 percent off their check.

“With all the pressures of costumes and parties on Halloween, we wanted to create something easy and fun where you could dress up as a pirate and drink rum all night long,” said Paul Taylor, senior bar manager at Eat The Rich.

Photo by Paul Taylor

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Oyster Platter at Eat the Rich by Scott SuchmanA Shaw oyster bar will host a festival of cheap local shellfish, brats and beer tomorrow night.

Eat the Rich (1839 7th St. NW) kicks off its first annual “Oystoberfest” celebration tomorrow night at 6 p.m. The party will include $1 barcat oysters from Rappahannock Oyster Company, brats, pretzels and copious amounts of beer.

“This will be a little bit different from the norm,” said senior bar manager Paul Taylor. “Our guests will get to crush a bunch of oysters.”

The party will also feature an oyster-eating contest where 25 patrons will race to polish off a dozen mollusks. The fastest oyster eater wins a $100 gift card to Eat the Rich and a private tour of DC Brau’s brewery.

“We’re not trying to reinvent the wheel with Oystoberfest,” Taylor explained, “we’re just trying to have a really fun time on a Thursday.”

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