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"Phillips Collection"

Phillips Collection. (Luis Gomez Photos)

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Dear editors,

Unfortunately the upcoming premier of Auksalaq (the climate change opera)
has been affected by the ‘Frankenstorm’. The premier performance was
intended to be distributed between networked venues in Norway, Montreal,
Alaska, New York, Indianapolis, Washington DC and Charlottesville. Our DC
venue, The Phillips Collection, has been forced to cancel. But the show
must go on. EcoSono Ensemble will relocate to Charlottesville, VA, and a
live webcast will be available to our audiences. View the webcast at 5pm
EST on Monday October 29th.

To watch the real-time broadcast join us at on Monday 10/29/12 at
4:45pm Eastern Standard Time and select a streaming option.


Sarah O’Halloran
EcoSono Ensemble

EcoSono Ensemble, a group that combines its passion for the arts and the environment through musical creation and ecological awareness, is launching its premier performance on Monday, October 29 at The Philips Collection.

The evening will feature a performance of Matthew Burtner and Scott Deal’s award winning telematic opera on climate change, Auksalaq. This cutting-edge experience integrates music, sonic and visual art, science and social commentary to provide a statement like no other on the impact of global climate change.

Throughout the performance, the audience is encouraged to contribute to the opera’s sights and sounds using NOMADS, a specially developed mobile phone app.

“The remote sites share sounds and images through a high bandwidth Internet connection to create a musical and visual ecosystem of interacting layers, which form one rich, intricate macro‐timbre.”

Auksalaq will also feature in-person instrumental and vocal performances by the EcoSono Ensemble, augmented by telematic performances by artists including Bit20, Nief Norf Ensemble and McGill Percussion Ensemble.

The performance starts at 5 pm. Tickets are $20 for non-members, $8 members and free to students with ID. For more information, visit the website.

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