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Going up! (Alejandra Owens)

At the start of this year I changed jobs/offices from a small building in Silver Spring to a very new building downtown on L Street NW. As my old building was only three flights, my elevator experience was minimal including with my undergrad days of high-rise dorms and apartment buildings where anything went.

As with any transition to a new job, I’ve had to learn some new tricks and behaviors in how to “be normal” in a company with around 1,000 employees and five elevators.

Elevators Have Rules, Too

One of the best things I have noticed is the standard elevator behavior people exhibit. While I thought that it might be unique, after some chats with fellow yuppies, we narrowed it down to few golden rules on how to make the most of your elevator rides. Hopefully these make the 30-second rides just a bit more enjoyable

  1. Available Seats/Spots to Stand: The immediate thought everyone has: Where do I stand? Empty is optimal, but usually you are sharing and have to play into that face forward and stare at the doors/oncoming passengers. I never understood that and generally go right to the walls for something to lean on. It works for me. Otherwise in packed “lifts,” I’d say file in as best you can without physical contact
  2. Friendly or Quiet: In a building where it’s just your neighbors/coworkers, being friendly can go a long way down the line when you need that favor. Otherwise, in multiple-tenant buildings I’d stay quiet because you have zero clue how much worse their day is than yours. I’d say most people see the elevator as a cone of silence. Unless its obvious (like someone holding an awesome-smelling lunch), it’s best to keep your comments for Twitter.
  3. Hold the Door: I’m talking to you, dude, who saw me coming around the hall and didn’t hold the elevator for me. It’s just the nice thing to do. It’s the least you can do after eating that last munchkin at the morning meeting.

I think these few guidelines will be a big help to those of you who look like a deer in headlights upon entering. Also, and maybe most importantly, don’t fart in an enclosed space. It’s just the right thing to do.

Whats Grinding My Gears

Washington Capitals playoffs are here! First round against my New York Rangers. Playoff hockey is awesome, if you can afford it, go!

Links! Links! Ice Cold Links!

  • Remember 1999. It was pretty sweet.
  • Best hockey save of the year. Watch it!
  • We almost had a New Jersey-themed restaurant. Damn.

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