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Elissa Leibowitz Poma Dupont Circle

Many of the paintings of Elissa Leibowitz Poma are in watercolor. (Luis Gomez Photos)

From Cecile Oreste at danceDC

Artist and writer Elissa Leibowitz Poma has lived in the Dupont Circle neighborhood for more than 15 years. Since moving to the area, she has had the luxury of walking to work – first to The Washington Post and now to the World Wildlife Fund. By making a small change to her daily routine, she was able to find big artistic inspiration.

Poma started leaving for work earlier and noticed how beautiful the light was at that time of day. She decided to bring her camera along and inspired by the shots she was taking, began to paint these urban landscapes. Now, each walk is an opportunity to find something new.

“Every morning becomes a mission to discover. It almost feels like I’m living in a new neighborhood, a new city,” she said.

Neighborhood Scenes

Poma enjoys painting neighborhood scenes in a style that is both serious and whimsical. She often uses watercolor as her medium either drawing with ink on top of the painting or adding splashes of watercolor paint to ink drawings. In addition to working off of the photos she takes around the neighborhood, she sometimes paints on site if weather permits.



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