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End of 2012 edition. (Luis Gomez Photos)

From Katie Andriulli. Email her at katie[AT] and follow her on Twitter @kandriulli.

Hey guys, how was your holiday? I ate my body weight in lasagna and watched Mrs. Doubtfire with my parents, so basically par for the vacation course for me.

Luckily for you, the weekend is already upon us, and it has a few things going for it, not the least of which is that it’s the last one of the year (good riddance to 2012, amirite?) So let’s see what’s on the agenda.


Give your holiday-addled liver a brief reprieve tonight and stare in wondrous, childlike joy at holiday lights in the shape of lemurs at the National Zoo. Their annual ZooLights celebration (which is free, by the way) runs from 5 pm – 9 pm and ends on New Year’s Day.


Stop reading this, and go watch this CBS Sunday Morning interview with Georgetown grad Bradley Cooper. How cute is he? Eat some popcorn for dinner tonight and go see Silver Linings Playbook, because he and the movie are both equally delightful.


Bibiana restaurant is kind of incredible, which is why I’ll forgive them for calling their black truffle tasting dinner tonight “Truffle-rama.” The three course menu will set you back $60 (because, truffles) but admit it: you’re sort of curious to see how they’re able to make a dessert out of them.


For the first time in (maybe ever?) Washington has a shot as seeing TWO of its professional sports teams make the playoffs in the span of a year, which is almost as good as having Congressional representation. Even if you haven’t watched one Skins game this year, Google RGIII and head to a bar to watch them throw down against longtime rivals the Cowboys in the last game of the regular season. Because DC is DC, there are more sports bars here dedicated to out-of-town teams than the Skins, but Borderstan stalwarts Nellie’s, Solly’s and Stoney’s are all good locales to catch the game, which starts at 8:20 pm.


I’m sorry you guys, but objectively speaking, 2012 was pretty terrible (there are a lot of reasons why, but may I present Exhibit A and Exhibit B). I don’t begrudge you the chance to pay a bunch of money to spend the night trying to avoid getting rail drinks spilled on you. However, if you’re more like me (re: a 85-year-old woman in a 30-year-old-body) you might be more inclined to go out and grab an awesome dinner, or head to one of the many bars around town that will be cover-free and low key tonight.

Better yet, stay in with some takeout, some friends and some whiskey and play the Dick Clark’s New Year’s Rockin’ Eve with Ryan Seacrest drinking game (take a shot every time Seacrest has more money than you). You’ll forget all about the year that was in no time.

Whatever you do, have fun, be safe and remember to take the metro or a cab home if you’ve had too many cocktails. Take it from this guy: starting the New Year off with a DUI is so not chic.

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