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Happy Hump Day (Wednesday), Borderstanians. I am posting some area crimes that occurred in Borderstan. The source is EveryBlock Washington, which gets its crime data from the Washington MPD’s Crime Incidents ASAP.

I have set up a feed on my home page so that I get a crime report for our area every day. You can do the same and get information in addition to crimes. (I am going to try to set up a feed here at More information about EveryBlock Washington’s crime feed is below the fold.

Recent Borderstan Crimes

Stuff at EveryBlock

EveryBlock is available in a number of large cities and you can track all kinds of information:

  • Public Records, including calls for city services and crimes in the geographic area(s) you select.
  • Articles, which is media stories about the area(s) you select.
  • More, which as real estate listings, photos, business reviews.



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