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Dupont Circle 1731 S Street NW building fire

A Sunday-night fire at 1731 S Street NW took the life of a woman who lived in this rear apartment on the second floor. (Luis Gomez Photos)

Woman Dies in Apartment Building Fire at 1731 Street NW

A Dupont Circle woman died Sunday night after a fire in her four-story apartment building at 1731 S Street NW. WUSA-Channel 9 reports that “Investigators believe the fire may have been caused by improperly discarded smoking materials.” In addition, “materials collected by a possible hoarder made it difficult for firefighters to reach the blaze and extinguish it,” according to Channel 9. The building is located between 17th and 18th Streets.

New Rules: Is Your Condo Building “Desirable” to Lenders?

WTOP has a story with a headline that’s probably a bit scary for the Borderstan area: New rules make condo buying trickier. WTOP-103.5 says “The Federal Housing Administration is requiring condos to be what they call “re-certified” in order to offer mortgages”and that “The FHA looks into things like renter-to-owner ratios, and delinquencies on condo fee payments to see if the building is eligible for one of their loans.” Builder has some easy-to-read specifics on the new rules.



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