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Author’s Note: At you’ll always get food news from writers who actually eat in our neighborhood. They know where to find the newest rooftop bars, the brunch with unlimited Mimosas, and the best vegetarian options in the city. That’s why we’re giving you a chance to get to know the writers who bring you the best eats Borderstan has to offer. So, grab your fork and take a seat at our table.

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"Alejandra Owens"

Alejandra Owens is Borderstan’s food editor. (Courtesy Alejandra Owens)

Alejandra Owens is the Food & Drink Editor for Borderstan and a founding member. She resides in Dupont Circle and writes her own food blog, One Bite at a Time.

What’s the best resto in DC? Why?

Owens: Fiola, because not only is the food consistently phenomenal, the hospitality is too. Whether I’m in for happy hour, lunch at the bar or a formal dinner, Fiola seems to make me feel equally welcome.

Describe your food writing style; what kind of story are you looking to tell?

Owens: No matter what story I am telling, my goal is to stick with my own authentic voice. If readers have ever met me, they’ll know I write how I speak. I don’t mince words, I try to throw in a healthy dose of perspective and I’m always trying to tap into the feelings behind whatever I’m writing or talking about.

Which food writers are inspiring you right now? Who do you look to for food news?

Owens: Francis Lam and Chris Shott are among my favorite folks to read. Both for their style and their perspective. They both seem to write exactly how they speak, making reading them an exercise in getting to know them, too. They challenge the average food story and attempt to address how a topic impacts the food culture around them.

What is your version of comfort food?

Owens: Hands down, my mom’s tacos.

What is the cooking tool you can’t live without?

Owens: I can’t live without the wooden spoon my mom gave me when I moved out of the house. It’s a simple little thing, and I’m sure to her it was a total throw away, but it always reminds me of cooking and baking with her, so it’s become an heirloom of sorts.

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