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"July 4th"

Where are the good spots to watch the fireworks? (Fox Deatry)

From Fox Deatry. Email him at fox[AT]

The Fourth of July is upon us. That means one thing for Borderstan residents: mass exodus to the Eastern Shore or some tropical holiday miles away for the July 4th holiday. Those of us who stick around either get invited to some awesome roof party or — with reservations — head to the National Mall in the company of heat-and-humidity stricken tourists. Of course, there are some of you who have connections and will end up on the White House lawn, rubbing elbows with the First Family.

For those of us who will be around, it will be festivities galore. The biggest is the fireworks at the National Mall complete with the musical tunes of the 1812 Overture. Here are a few viewing places:

  1. Meridian Hill/ U Street – You know that friend/acquaintance of yours who lives in one of those high rises? Well, time to give them a call ’cause chances are they’ll be drinking their mint juleps and margaritas on their rooftops while watching the bursts of red, white and blue. From what I hear, The Ellington Apartments is the best location.
  2. Just wanting to cool off, relax in your two-piece and dip your legs in a pool instead of the Dupont Circle Fountain? The perfect place is The Donovan House. While this destination does not provide a 360-degree view, it is a good alternative for DC locales who don’t quite fancy the pyrotechnics anymore. Besides, it is entertaining to watch some people on one edge of the lounge, gawking and rubbernecking for a mere flare.
  3. Fourth of July falls on the middle of the week this year. It will therefore not be surprising to see some workaholics in the office. For those of you on K and Connecticut Streets, it will not be a bad idea to kick it around the office until 9PM, bring non-ALCOHOLIC drinks and maybe even arrange a viewing party with fellow workaholics. This bonding time will either be quality or awkward, especially when a co-worker shows up in full colonial regalia. But with non-ALCOHOLIC drinks, who knows.
  4. Naturally the National Mall is the best place to be, and it is only a few blocks from the Borderstan neighborhood. If you do decide on this location, come early and enjoy the Smithsonian Folklife Festival. The Festival will be featuring the AIDS Memorial Quilt, which is celebrating its 25th anniversary. Also, PBS is hosting its Capitol Fourth concert a stone’s throw away with white guy with guitar Phillip Phillips and conductor John Williams.

Be safe and have fun. Don’t light ’em fireworks. This time watching rather than participating is more pleasurable.

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4th of July in D.C: The National Mall hosts events, concerts, fireworks. (Luis Gomez Photos)

Editor’s note: We originally posted this piece last June 30 and have updated it for this year’s events.

From Matty Rhoades

Should I Stay or Should I Go? Thinking about making a last-minute dash out of town for the three-day weekend? The Delaware beaches? New York? There are many reasons to stay in the city,  as well as reasons to leave.

The Fourth of July weekend is a big holiday in D.C. We get lots of visitors. Some are locals from the suburbs who come into the city for a day. Others are tourists who stay longer and bless us with their dollars at hotels and local businesses.

About the concerts and fireworks and crowds on the National Mall: Make it a point to go once in your lifetime — it’s more than enough.



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