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The Ray-Ban Wayfarer by khelan  on Just like the Gigamesh mix of “Dreams,” the essence of the classic Wayfarers is kept… with just enough of a tweak to make it stand out.

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Howdy, Borderstanis. Hope you’re having a lovely week. Mine’s going swimmingly; thanks for asking!

Not sure if you know this about me, but, in my spare time (besides this column, my day job, sleeping, eating, yoga etc.), I fiddle around with being an amateur DJ. A couple of Thursdays a month, you can usually find me spinning at the Duplex Diner, located in the northwestern tip of Borderstan. So naturally, I spend just as much time thinking about the latest single or remix as I do Michael Bastian’s fall line.

A remix, like an accessory, can either elevate the original (if done correctly)… or it can completely butcher what made it great in the first place. I’m not going to waste anyone’s time going through various remixes that have destroyed my favorite songs. Rather, I’d like to focus on the positive. And I’d like to start by highlighting the Gigamesh mix of a classic and one of my favorite songs of all time:

Fleetwood Mac’s number one hit song from 1977: “Dreams”
[soundcloud url=”″ iframe=”true” /]

As an aside — there’s empirical evidence that 1977 was the greatest year of human achievement. The original Star Wars premiered, Fleetwood Mac’s “Rumours” was released and, most importantly, yours truly was born. 🙂 )

If you’ve had a chance to listen to the track, you’ll note that it isn’t a harsh “modernization” of the original. On the contrary, it keeps the essence of the classic song yet provides just enough of a tweak to make it stand out.

At the risk of rambling on about music, which (believe me) I can do, I really should get to the point and chat a little about a “remix” of a classic that everyone should have as part of their ensemble for the spring and summer.

Ray-Ban’s Wayfarer is arguably the sunglass makers’ most popular pair of eyewear, and a classic, time-tested design that instantly evokes memories of style icons like JFK, Andy Warhol, Anna Wintour and Debbie Harry. Designed in the early ’50s, their popularity ebbed and flowed in the subsequent decades, occasionally stepping out of the limelight for whatever oversized monstrosity was hugging a celebutante’s face.

But like any true classic, the Wayfarer never truly went out of style (classics never do), they were just waiting for the rest of the world to remember how awesome they are. And all it took was a little “remix” to remind this writer.

That’s it for me this week, Borderstanis. Talk to you soon.

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