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From Lauren Levine. Email her at lauren[AT]


Are you truly a foodie? (Borderstan collage)

How often have you read an “about me” for a 20-something and seen “food” or “restaurants” or “being a foodie” listed? “I can’t wait to try that new Mike Isabella restaurant,” they say, “I’m a self-described foodie.”

It’s no secret that food has taken over our country. And as a young professional, you could be struggling with defining your identity, and wind up calling yourself a “foodie.”

As someone who derives great pleasure from food but is certainly no expert and not a foodie, I’m here to guide you through deciding whether you are, or more likely, are not, a foodie.

Do you like going out to eat?

If yes, you are exactly the same as every other person in America. When given the option to cook for ourselves or have someone else cook for us, of course we are all going to choose the latter.

If no, you are most definitely, absolutely not a foodie.

Do you prefer going to restaurants that may be considered “fine dining”?

If yes, that simply makes you well-off, not a foodie. If you are a young professional, and self-described foodie, and you talk a lot about trying fancy new restaurants (and not in the context of restaurant week), then you’re kind of a dick. The rest of us are happy if we can pay rent in DC and maybe get sushi once a week.

If no, you may still be a foodie. Don’t be discouraged.

Do you like to cook?

If you answered yes to the previous questions, but no to this question, you are most definitely not a foodie. You are just lazy.

If yes, you may still be a foodie. Continue on.

Do you make up your recipes?

If no, and you still like to cook, you’re just a normal person. You may own a Joy of Cooking or worse yet, anything by Rachel Ray. But you are certainly not foodie.

If yes, you very well might be a foodie. I’m impressed.

Do you have a food blog?

If you do not make up your own recipes but you have a food blog, you are just a food scrapbooker, not a foodie. You may make my Google searches for “easy healthy turkey burger recipe” slightly easier, but you’re no Jose Andres.

If yes, and you make up your own recipes, you are probably a foodie. Congratulations!

Have you ever thought about food theory?

Can you name different spice palettes? Is food chemistry second nature to you? Can you explain the difference between julienne and chiffonade or hollandaise vs. béarnaise? You’re a foodie.

If not, just give it up. You simply like food, just like the rest of us.

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"Dupon Circle Farmers Market"

The Dupont Farmers Market. (Luis Gomez Photos)

From Alejandra Owens. You can find her at her food blog, One Bite At A Time. Alejandra also writes for City Eats DC, a Food Network site, where you can book dinner reservations. Follow her on Twitter at @frijolita and email her at alejandra[AT]

For all my resistance of the label “foodie” and the innumerable times I have reminded friends, “I like dirty little street carts just as much as I like five star restaurants!” I realized I had become something I’d so actively avoided.

I very clearly remember the moment I realized I had become a food snob.

It was last fall, just after the Dupont Farmers Market had gone from robust and bustling to lean and limited. The first weekend I made my usual rounds from stand to stand, buying up my staples. Clear Spring Creamery, my milk vendor, was notably not present. I figured they were taking a few weekends off after the hustle and madness of the summer’s market schedule. Two weekends went by and my milk was still gone. Three. Four.

I was desperate. My coffee was desperate. So I went to Cowgirl Creamery, not far from my office, and bought a pint of whole milk. I’ve always been in love with Trickling Springs Creamery’s nostalgic glass bottle packaging. If it’s possible to romantically drink milk, this is how you do it.

The next morning I poured some milk into my coffee and my spidey senses went off like my morning alarm. Something wasn’t right. Did I make my coffee wrong? Was the milk bad? I tasted everything separately, only to conclude everything was fine. The milk tasted different though, it wasn’t what I was used to.

A month in, still using the new milk every morning, I realized what tasted different. Grass. I could taste grass. What the eff? Who tastes the terroir in milk?! Over the last couple years my sense of taste and smell have gone wild. I’d been starting to wonder if I should take wine classes or something.

And just like that I’d finally jumped the shark. I wasn’t snottily selecting wine, angrily discussing the foie gras ban in CA or waxing poetic about a farmers market/locavore diet. I was snotty about my milk. It’s already hard for me to drink grocery store milk – it’s the equivalent of Starbucks’ burnt coffee beans; no taste! But this…local/organic/blah blah milk… I’m being critical of this milk?!

A new low, or a new preference? I’m chalking this up to a case of extreme, and hyper-local brand loyalty.

Be sure to stop by Clear Springs Creamery at the Dupont Farmers Market this Sunday. Not only do they sell fabulously creamy, rich milk, they also sell probiotic yogurt drinks that are irresistible to kids and adults alike.

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I saw this posting today over at D.C. Foodies and figured the Foodies in Borderstan would want to know that a number of restaurants are extending Restaurant Week:

I just wanted to remind people the a lot of restaurants are extending DC Restaurant Week this week and some for the rest of the month or into September. Here is a list of the restaurants and their dates.

Beacon Bar and Grill – Aug. 11th through 31st – Reservations
Cafe Atlantico – Aug. 11th through 24th – Reservations
Co Co. Sala – Aug. 11th through 20th – Reservations
Circle Bistro – Aug. 11th through 24th – Reservations
D’Acqua – Aug. 4th through 17th – Reservations
Dino – Aug. 1st through 31st. – Reservation
Farrah Olivia – Aug. 1st through Sept. 22nd – Reservations
Ici Urban Bistro – Aug 11th through 24th – Reservations
Indique Heights – Aug. 1st through Aug 31st – Reservations
Jaleo – Aug. 12th through 24th – Bethesda Reservations, Crystal City Reservations, DC Reservations
Mie n Yu – Aug. 11th through 24th – Reservations
Mio Restaurant – Aug. 1st through Aug 31st – Reservations
Nage – Aug. 1st through Aug 31st – Reservations
Notti Bianchi – Aug. 11th through 24th – Reservations
Oyamel – Aug. 11th through 24th – Reservations
PS 7’s – Aug 11th through the 30th – Reservations
Rasika – Aug 11th through 23rd – Reservations
Spezie – Aug 11th through 31st – Reservations
Tabaq Bistro – Aug. 1st through 31st – Reservations
Zaytinya – Aug. 11th through 24th – Reservations

Borderstan must have its fair share of Foodies based on our site visits. The most popular postings to date at have been those related to Cafe Salsa. The owner tells me they are planning to open in October — we’ll keep you posted. And, yes, it will be the second Cafe Salsa, following the one in Alexandria. For future reference, the link to D.C. Foodies is now in the DC Blogger list in the right-hand column.


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