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"Borderstan""15th Street NW""Tortilla Coast"

15th and P NW: Tortilla Coast officially gets its name. The restaurant will open in the former McCormick Paint Store location. (Luis Gomez Photos)

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We need to know what your thoughts are on the new 17th Street NW Safeway bag/receipt checks are already! Sorry, it’s Friday and I’m feeling bossy. But seriously, let us know.

DCWEEK Starts Today

The opening party is tonight at the Black Cat, but it’s not too late to RSVP to the party or learn about what DCWEEK is, for that matter. DCWEEK is a week-long festival that brings designers, entrepreneurs, developers and social media junkies together for a series of presentations, events and programs. Attendance ranges from free (Bronze Badge, which is for keynotes and presentations, but not parties) to Gold ($100 for all free events, Opening and Closing Parties and Tech Cocktail). There is way too much cool stuff to list out here, so just go check out the site and meet up with the other aspiring ‘mavens’ of the online world.

Beaujolais at 1905 — Coming Soon

Beaujolais Nouveau has a rabid cult following, despite its young red wine taste (read: more like a white). It’s a great wine marketing story, but the really sweet part is 1905′s deal for dinner and popping bottles. You can have a four-course French dinner for $50 and the party (with wine starting at midnight as per traditional requirements of Beaujolais) at $10. It’s co-sponsored with Brightest Young Things, who will have 50 pre-sale tickets. It always sells out, so get your tickets early. BTW, for those of you not obsessed with French wine, it’s next Wednesday, November 16.

National Park Service Designates Kameny House ‘Historic Place’

The National Park Service listed the home of Frank Kameny, the late local gay rights activist, as a historic place in an announcement on Wednesday. The residence at 5020 Cathedral Avenue, N.W was listed in recognition of the ‘historic significance’ of his work on LGBT rights. The Washington Blade has the story, along with the details of the designation.

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Frank Kameny, Frank Kameny Way, 17th Street NW

Frank Kameny spoke at the 2010 17th Street Festival. The 1700 block of the street from Q to R is co-named Frank Kameny Way. He passed away Wednesday. (Luis Gomez Photos)

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LGBT Rights Leader Frank Kameny Passes

Frank Kameny was an inspirational leader and a force for human rights, who we sadly lost on Wednesday, October 12. His initial protest of his firing from the US Army Map Service due to his sexual orientation sparked a lawsuit that made it all the way to the Supreme Court. He became the first openly gay candidate for Congress in 1971 and made history as the first openly gay member of the DC Human Rights Commission.

Kameny also led the protests against the American Psychiatric Association’s classification of homosexuality as a mental illness. For more on his inspirational life, check out this piece in or this memorial in the Washington Blade. In June 2010 1700 block of 17th Street NW here in the neighborhood (from Q to R Streets) was co-named Frank Kameny Way.

DC9 to be Sued by Mohammed’s Family

As expected, the family of Ali Mohammed will file a civil suit against nightclub/bar DC9, the site of Mohammed’s death last year. Washington City Paper reports that family and friends will gather outside the venue to announce the multiple claims in the suit. You may recall that while ruled a homicide, the DC Medical Examiner did not determine the cause of death was due to the alleged beating by employees but from ‘excited delirium’. We’ll keep you posted on the suit, the vigil and all other information related to this ongoing story.

Emotionally Charged… Medians?

Apparently, Connecticut Avenue NW and its medians are a hot topic these days. The block between K and L Streets NW is home to the first phase of median beautification, and now TBD has a piece on the most ’emotionally charged median’ on Connecticut Ave. between R and S Streets NW. What makes it so charged? The lack of ability for stores to hang Christmas lights, the magnolia trees, the state of the masonry — the list is seemingly endless. That long median inspires some emotions in this pedestrian, as well, namely that is is a pain to have to go up and over or around. Yep, I’m that lazy, deal with it.

More on the Lincoln Theatre

It’s not news, but Robert Bettmann, chair of DC Advocates for the Arts, took to Huffington Post to make the case for keeping the Lincoln open. Its financial woes have not been helped by city funds drying up, hence Bettmann’s call for additional funding for the DC Commission on the Arts and Humanities. The ‘trickle up effect’ he describes comes from less funds given to smaller arts organizations that would rent the theatre, so they lose rental revenue as well as their original funding source. It’s a heated issue, and there is much history at stake. That said, the money has to come from somewhere, and there are not a lot of areas in the city budget that are fat enough to borrow from these days.

How to Handle Lines at Estadio

I guess the prize bit of wisdom in the piece is ‘deal with it.’ That, or ‘get a buzz at the bar while you wait’, which is really just good common sense. At any rate, Eater DC has a long sit down with GM Justin Guthrie, the manager at Estadio, to assess his take on the lines. Don’t offer him money, woo him with George Brett and Royals trivia and don’t ask if Dolly Parton actually ate there are some salient points. Or head out to Two Amy’s or 75 in Arlington, Guthrie’s go-to’s, if you get tired of waiting.

Feminist Ryan Gosling

Damn, this was a depressing SYMHM for a Friday. So here’s the most important thing you may have missed this week — an effing hilarious and delicious looking collection of photos of Ryan Gosling discussing feminist scholars. Why? I have no idea, but I do know it will be an enjoyable expenditure of your 4:30 to 5 pm time at work on a Friday, or hungover morning reading. You are WELCOME.


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