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Hinckley PotteryThis may be your last chance to pick up a holiday gift from Hinckley Pottery (707 Kalorama Rd. NW) before it moves to Georgetown.

The longtime Adams Morgan pottery shop will hold its last annual holiday sale in the neighborhood this Sunday from noon to 5 p.m., then each day between Dec. 15 and 23.

During the sale, the store will sell pots, plates, platters, teapots, mugs, bowls and an assortment of other clay vessels.

The 25-year-old pottery shop will move to Blues Alley in Georgetown in February, according to its website.

The pottery shop was forced to find a new home after its landlord, nonprofit Mary’s Center, decided not to renew the shop’s lease in order to take over the space, reported the Washington Business Journal in February.

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Starbucks on Connecticut AveIt may soon be possible to order something more potent than coffee at five D.C. Starbucks locations.

A recent public hearing notice for new liquor license applications shows that Starbucks seeks to serve beer and wine at five locations in Dupont Circle, Georgetown, Chevy Chase and downtown. The company also applied for liquor licenses in Arlington and Reston.

If the applications are approved, the following locations would serve alcohol:

  • 443 7th St. NW
  • 1700 Connecticut Ave. NW
  • 5500 Connecticut Ave. NW
  • 1810 Wisconsin Ave. NW
  • 1301 Connecticut Ave. NW

A Starbucks spokesperson said via e-mail that the push for alcoholic drinks is part of the company’s new “Starbucks Evenings” service, which also includes a small plate menu.

Though the spokesperson did not say what might be on tap, a sample menu shows the coffee chain may serve red, white and sparkling wines by the bottle and glass and “craft beer.” Menus vary by region, meaning it’s possible the stores could serve local beer and wine. Small plate possibilities include truffle mac and cheese, bacon-wrapped dates, chicken skewers and truffle popcorn.

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Mike Silverstein, photo via ANC 2BMike Silverstein is an ANC 2B commissioner, an Alcoholic Beverage Control board member and a former journalist.

Last week, he wrote to us and shared a touching story about a series of events that occurred exactly ten years ago today. We thought the story, a tale about the rescue of a dog during the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, was best told in the commissioner’s own words.

I found these items among my souvenirs — keepsakes of a story that happened ten years ago this week. It’s a story how three people from DC somehow joined together to save the life of a dog in New Orleans.

Hurricane Katrina had destroyed parts of the Gulf Coast more than a week earlier, and much of New Orleans was still under water.

I was at work at ABC News on DeSales Street when I got a call from my good friend Emmett Woolfrey, who had moved from D.C. to New Orleans several years earlier. Emmett had safely evacuated to Baton Rouge. He called to ask if there was any way to help his friend, a fellow hospital technician names James Coates. James had been forced to leave his dog Chanelle behind, with a maybe a week’s worth of food and some bowls full of water. James was terrified that the water was running out, and Chanelle would die of dehydration.

I had seen a story about animal rescues (this was twelve days after the storm hit), and tried to contact the group that was coordinating those efforts. I was unable to reach the woman in charge by phone, so I sent her an e-mail. It was, in retrospect, a bit melodramatic, but I wanted to get her attention.

Mike SIlverstein e-mail on Sept. 11 2005

I never did hear from Ellen, but the results were even better. The next day, I got a phone call from a neighbor. It was Scotlund Haisley, from Georgetown, whom I knew both from Montrose Park and from the Washington Animal Rescue League. He said he was calling from New Orleans, from a boat, headed down a flooded street, and on his way to try to find Chanelle. He was asking for specific instructions on how to find James’ apartment. Fortunately, I had met James at Mardi Gras 2002, and had stopped by his apartment before one of the parades, so I could describe the house and the path back to James’ apartment. The directions were all that Scotlund needed. He said he’d get back to me after he found Chanelle.

An hour later, he called back, and said he had found her and she was in bad shape. She was near death from dehydration, and was unconscious and barely breathing. He said he was taking her to a hospital unit to get an IV into her. Later, he had her taken up to LSU in Baton Rouge, where veterinary doctors stabilized her, and put her on the road to recovery. Scotlund, meanwhile, went back to searching abandoned and ruined homes for animals to be rescued.


Scotlund called me about a week later, and told me Chanelle was well enough to be reunited with James. Eventually, James and Chanelle returned to New Orleans, and he sent me this picture, which speaks for itself.

The rescued dog and its happy owner

Chanelle lived to be 14 years old, and was James’ best friend and faithful companion. Her tongue was always too big for her mouth, and it always stuck out, especially when she was happy. Sadly, James died last year. Emmett now lives in Florida. And Scotund, who left the Animal Rescue League to work with the Humane Society, now works with the Animal Rescue Corps, a group that rescues animals after natural disasters and from abusive situations.

Very few good things came out of Katrina, but one was a change in the way animals are treated in disaster evacuations. We are no longer forced to choose either to stay behind with our pets or to evacuate and leave our animal companions behind. Our dogs and cats are members of our families. They can come with us, and their love and loyalty can help see us through whatever storms we must endure.

It’s a lesson I learned ten years ago this week, a lesson with a happy ending.

Photos courtesy of Mike Silverstein and ANC 2B

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"Borderstan""Jen Morrissey""Georgetown"

“Floating Torsos” is by Jen Morrissey from the Borderstan flickr pool.

Photos of the Day are pulled from the Borderstan Reader Photos pool on Flickr.

Today’s photo, “Floating Torsos” was taken by Jen Morrissey on April 1, on Wisconsin Avenue, Georgetown.

If you don’t already have a Flickr account, you will need to sign up for one, and then join the Borderstan Reader Photos group. Already a Flickr member? Join the group! You can submit up to five photos per day in the Borderstan reader pool. We are looking for photos from D.C.’s Dupont, Logan and U Street neighborhoods.

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University of Virginia football, Vironevaeh, Flickr pool

Baton twirlers at a University of Virginia football game in Charlottesville. (Vironevaeh in Flickr pool, September 12, 2009)

From Scott Leibowitz. Find Scott on Twitter @Lebodome. Email him at [email protected].

I feel stupid. I can’t believe I did it again. I cared. I thought for some reason this season may be different, but no, it was not. Penn State’s disaster and the other usual distractions may have turned the average fan away but I could not tear myself away from college football: I thought college football would be different this year.

Despite no evidence to the contrary, I thought the results of the regular season might actually help determine who plays in which post season bowl and who goes on to the national championship. NOPE. NOT A FAT CHANCE. WHAT WAS I THINKING!

I feel even worse for all of those people at Buffalo Billiards who actually thought that their alma mater may get a chance to play in a post season game. I have ranted about this issue before and there are better writers out there who have the issue pegged (Both these links have great articles explaining why college football is a mess; worth the read).

I write about it here today because I feel that at this point, even the casual “I only care when my alma-matter plays” fan should be pissed that college football, unlike every other collegiate sport, has NO PLAYOFFS to determine a national champion. I cannot, as I think no serious sports fan should, take college football seriously for this fact alone.

In an effort to pull the wool over our eyes, the NCAA will throw out a schedule of meaningless bowls, causing us to wait  for a national championship rematch of two teams whose last game was nothing more than a field goal kicking contest. Do not be fooled. This is silly. Instead, suck up your pride and anger, and enjoy a very stacked slate of NBA games on Christmas Day and an exciting conclusion to the NFL season (Packers are going 16-0, they are the real deal).

District Fun Stuff

Thanks. Now that I got that off my chest here are some fun happenings going on the District:

Even college kids take the Metro. GWU took the Metro to play VCU on Sunday at the Verizon Center….The No-Metro Hoyas are the first D.C. team to crack top 25 this year.

Redskins Football, only funny till… They are officially out of playoff contention, or… they forget when the league scheduled drug tests are.

Washington Nationals may get a star. Wow would Albert Pujols sell a lot of seats.

DC has enough weird laws. Now add this one to the list with sport team license plates.

Thought of the Week

The Fax Machine is laughing at snail-mail

Links! Links! Ice Cold Links!

  • Moments in history with the best sports commentator in the business. A must watch.
  • Texts from Bennett. Plain awesome.
  • What does look like.
Photo credit for featured image: cbowns from Flickr pool. Taken September 17, 2005, at Virginia Tech University in Blacksberg.

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Lebodome, George Washington University Colonials

March 4 2006: Students storm the court after George Washington University’s double-overtime win over UNC-Charlotte, securing perfect home record and finishing the season 26-1. (Scott Leibowitz)

From Scott Leibowitz. Find Scott on Twitter @Lebodome. Email him at [email protected].

As I was digesting my very tasty Thanksgiving meal watching holiday football (the games were pretty good) I noticed something on the bottom ticker that seemed unfamiliar.

Places and numbers were rolling by with the title NCAAM and it took me a few moments to place it. In the excitement of the NFL season and my disgust in the NBA returning (it will take me at least ’till April to care if Lebron James can win in the 4th Quarter) I somehow forgot about college basketball.

Where I am from, this could be considered treason.

DC College Teams

We in the District are pretty fortunate in that there are lots of colleges around and all fairly easy to get to using mass transit. As a former DC college student, I can tell you first hand that many of these gyms have great atmospheres with very passionate fanbases.

You would think with so many teams in the city, there would be a great “Battle of the Metro,” but thanks to general stupidity and the stubbornness of one major school (Hint: the metro doesn’t go there) there is nothing but a watered down version. What a shame.

That aside, here is a just a short rundown of what we got in the District.

George Washington Colonials, Atlantic 10 Conference

Smith Center, Blue Line-Foggy Bottom Metro Stop. With no football team this is where most GWU students get their “big school athletics” fix and over the years have had some success. Located right near the White House, the small stadium provides a loud and intimate crowd that gives you a great college vibe. New coach this years hopes to rebuild GWU and take them back the NCAA tournament.

University of Maryland Terrapins, Atlantic Coast Conference

Comcast Center, Green Line- College Park Metro Stop. If you are looking for the bigger stadium and the long basketball history, look no further than the Terps. While a bit far away from Borderstan, the trip is worth it as during their season, they play national powerhouses Duke and UNC. Terps are starting to rebuild with a new coach, and are always dangerous come tournament time.

George Mason Patriots, Colonial Athletic Association

Patriot Center, Orange Line-Vienna Metro Stop. I think of this team as the “the little engine that could”. Never the flashiest or the most talented, but the Patriots always play consistent and clean basketball. They stole the spotlight by making a historic run to the Final Four in 2006 and have since remained on the D.C. map. Just a feel good team that you hope to see in the postseason.

Georgetown University Hoyas, Big East Conference

McDonough Arena, Somewhere on campus-Verizon Center, Red Line- Chinatown. Yes this school has a long and great basketball history. Yes this school gets the exclusive right to play in the Verizon Center. Yes lots of famous coaches and players have been Hoyas. Frankly though, this team will only be OK and is not a good reason for me to be in that neighborhood of D.C. (Plenty of other places to get cupcakes). But if you want to watch the best conference in the country and some of the best programs, Gtown is the way to go.

I know I left out American University and some other smaller schools but these are the teams worth watching. So start watching now, take your mental notes, and when March rolls along, you’ll be ready to dominate your office March Madness bracket challenge.

Thought of the Week

If you haven’t seen the new Muppets movie, cancel your weekend plans and do it. No excuses people.

Links! Links! Ice Cold Links!

  • Never let your sons grow up to be NFL kickers.
  • Washington Redskins Roy Helu has got some hops.
  • This is my favorite shot in H-O-R-S-E.

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Georgetown MPD Crime Dataase

Wisconsin and M NW: This area has a low crime rate, except for thefts: 331 thefts were recorded during the past year. (MPD Crime Database)

How does crime in three major commercial corridors of the Dupont-Logan-U Street area compare with some similar areas in DC?

Are you safer at 12th and U NW than at at Eastern Market at 7th and E SE? How does 17th and Q NW compare to Wisconsin and M NW in the heart of Georgetown? Is there more crime in Adams Morgan at 18th and Columbia Road NW than at 14th and Q NW? How does Columbia Heights compare to all the rest?

The crime statistics for each of the seven areas are from the MPD Crime Database. Each one covers a circular area that radiates 1,000 feet from the address. See the list below that summarizes the number of crimes in each of the seven areas; complete crime states for each of the seven areas are below the fold.

Each month Borderstan runs stories on crime statistics for three areas in the neighborhood: 12th and U NW, 14th and Q NW and 17th and Q NW. Along with these three areas, four additional intersections were selected and then all seven were compared for both violent and property crime for the past year, Nov. 18, 2009, to Nov. 18, 2010.

Columbia Heights MPD Crime Database

14th and Irving NW: Of the 101 violent crimes reported in the past year, 55 were robberies and 41 were assualts. Of these, 14 were committed with a gun. (MPD Crime Database)

Of the seven intersection-areas, the safest is Pennsylvania and 7th SE. Coming in at Number 7 (last place) is 14th and Irving NW. Results are the same for both violent and property crime: the Capitol Hill intersection has the least of each and the Columbia Heights intersection the most.

In addition to the three intersections in Dupont-Logan-U Street area, the four additional intersections are:

U Street NW MPD Crime Database

The area around 12th and U NW recorded 152 thefts from autos in the past year, the highest number of the seven areas compared. (MPD Crime Database)

Total Crime: The Best and the Worst

Of the seven intersection-areas we compared, the safest is Pennsylvania and 7th SE on Capitol Hill. Coming in at Number 7 is 14th and Irving NW in Columbia Heights. Looking at only violent crime or  property crime, the results are the same: the Capitol Hill intersection has the least of each and the Columbia Heights intersection has the most of each.

The Dupont intersection of 17th and Q NW comes in at Number 2 in both violent and property crime, making it the second most safest area of the seven compared. Number 3 is 18th and Columbia NW; it is Number 5 for violent crime and Number 3 for property crime. Right in the middle at the Number 4 spot is 14th and Q NW; it is Number 4 for both violent and property crime.

17th and Q NW comes in at Number 2 in both violent and property crime… 14th and Q NW comes in at Number 4 for both violent and property crime… 12th and U NW is Number 5, but comes in at Number 6 for Violent Crime and had the most gun crimes.

At Number 5 is 12th and U NW; this U Street intersection is Number 6 for violent crime and Number 5 for property crime. Coming in at Number 6 is the intersection of Wisconsin and M NW. This Georgetown intersection is actually Number 2for violent crime (second safest to the Capitol Hill intersection), but it has a huge number of thefts in the property crime category, which drives its overall ranking down. Number 7, last on the list, is the Columbia Heights intersection of 14th and Irving NW; it is in last place for both violent and property crime.

Crime in Past Year

  1. Pennsylvania & 7th SE: 158 crimes (18 violent, 140 property); 0 gun crimes.
  2. 17th & Q NW: 186 crimes (35 violent, 151 property); 4 gun crimes.
  3. 18th & Columbia NW: 287 crimes (62 violent, 225 property); 8 gun crimes.
  4. 14th & Q NW: 307 crimes (43 violent, 264 property); 15 gun crimes.
  5. 12th & U NW: 355 crimes (73 violent, 282 property); 21 gun crimes.
  6. Wisconsin & M NW: 404 crimes (38 violent, 366 property); 2 gun crimes. Note: The huge number of thefts (331) at this intersection-area skews the results.
  7. 14th & Irving NW: 504 crimes (101 violent, 403 property); 14 gun crimes.

Violent Crime

Robberies. Robberies are categorized as with and without a gun. The fewest robberies were at Pennsylvania and 7th SE (11) while the most occurred at 14th and Irving NW (55). The intersection of 12th and U came in at Number 3 (49), but actually had the most robberies with a gun (16).

Assaults. Assaults with a Deadly Weapon are categorized as with and without a gun. The fewest number of assaults occurred at 14th and Q NW (five) while the Pennsylvania & 7th SE came in at Number 2 (seven) and 17th and Q NW was Number 3 (eight). The most assaults took place at 14th and Columbia NW (41) while the second highest number was recorded at 12th & U NW (22).

Gun Crime. Gun crimes are homicides, robberies and assaults committed with a gun. The fewest gun crimes in the past year were at Pennsylvania and 7th SE, which recorded zero gun crimes. At Number 2 was Wisconsin and M NW with two gun crimes. While 14th and Irving NW had the most robberies and assaults of the seven areas compared, it did not have the most gun crimes in the past year (it has 14).

The most gun crimes were at 12th and U NW (21) followed by 14th and Q NW (15). The one homicide recorded in the past year for all seven areas was the Sept. 28, 2010, shooting death of Jamal Coates at 11th and U NW.

Property Crime

Auto Crimes. Auto crimes are major quality-of-life crimes in the city. The area with the most stolen autos in the past year was 12th and U NW (30) followed by 14th and Irving NW (27) and 14th and Q NW (23). The fewest? There were only six stolen autos at Wisconsin and M NW. Much more common are thefts from autos (“smash and grabs”). The hands-down leader was again 12th and U NW (152) followed by 14th and Irving NW (104) and 14th and Q NW (88). The fewest smash and grabs were at Wisconsin and M NW (18) followed by Pennsylvania and 7th SE (32). The complete list is below the fold.

Burglaries and Thefts. The most burglaries in the past year were at 14th and Q NW (34) followed by 12th and U NW (21). The remaining five areas all had between 10 and 15 burglaries each. The number of thefts for the Georgetown intersection of Wisconsin and M NW skewed this areas crime stats: it had 331 thefts in the past year. (It would be interesting to know how many were purse and cell phone snatches on the street.) This is substantially more than the 270 for 14th and Irving NW. The fewest thefts were reported for 17th and Q NW (67).

Complete crime states for each of the seven areas are below the fold.


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Bourbon Steak (Luis Gomez Photos)

From Alejandra Owens at One Bite At A Time.

Have you guys been to Bourbon Steak at the Four Seasons yet? DC foodies and food bloggers have been gushing about this place for awhile.

Amazing meals… duck fat fries… drinks shaken to perfection. Not to mention they’re Rammy Award winners and Executive Chef David Varley won Cochon 555 here in town and at the Food & Wine Classic.

I think you get the point. Whether you’re noshing on snacks on the patio, or seated for an all-out, eat-till-you-can’t-move meal… you’re going to enjoy yourself.

Which is why when I heard Bourbon Steak D.C. was going to host a pig roast on Sunday, August 1, my ears perked up! An all you can eat pig roast, to be exact. For $25 you can eat as much pork as your heart desires and for $40 you can eat and drink until a friend or significant other has to roll you home.

To get your tickets just call 202-944-2026 or click here for a PDF with details you can print out.

See. You. There.

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The MPD 2nd District. West Borderstan is in PSA 208. (Image: MPD Web site.)

The MPD 2nd District. West Borderstan is in PSA 208. (Image: MPD Web site.)

From the MPD 2nd District listserv on Yahoo! Groups, a message from MPD Second 2nd District Commander Matt Klein:

Over the past three days, the Second District experienced a series of street robberies in which victims were knocked to the ground and had purses or other property taken from them. I am happy to report that last night, we arrested 2 subjects that we strongly believe were responsible for the vast majority of those violent cases. The arrests were made after bringing in additional resources to the Georgetown and Dupont area in order to provide support to 2D units as well as provide high visibility to prevent further crimes. These subjects were apprehended as a result of excellent work by patrol officers, members assigned to our office of communications, and MPD detectives. – Commander Matt Klein, MPD Second District

by December 24, 2008 at 11:35 am 1,461 0

Borderstanians: Following is detailed info on the five robberies that occurred in neighborhoods around Rock Creek Park on Monday evening. This information is from Acting Commander Matt Klein of the MPD Second District. None of the holdups were in Dupont Circle or Logan Circle; all were west or northwest of us.


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facelift_logoFrom the Washington Blade, November 13:

“One of two men arrested for assaulting a gay man in Georgetown pleaded guilty Wednesday in D.C. Superior Court to two charges, including felony assault with bias intent.

“Ruddad Abdulgader, 19, faces a maximum sentence of five and a half years in prison for the bias-related assault charge and the second charge to which he pleaded guilty–possession of a prohibited weapon, a liquor bottle.”

Read entire story.


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