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This is a very cool application on the DC Government’s Web site–the DC Guide, which is powered by the DC Geographic Information System. It is a mapping tool that allows you to search in four categories:

  1. Find It – This is for general searches. You can tell the search engine to find post offices, hospitals, recreation centers, etc.
  2. Get There – Get directions to places in the city or find out where a particular place of interest is located.
  3. Where You Live Get Administrative, Economic, Education, Environment, Planning, Public Safety and Recreation information for your area/neighborhood. For example, you can find out which Advisory Neighborhood Commission or police district serves you.
  4. Real Property – Find out what your neighbor’s condo sold for, if it is the searachable years range, or who owns a property on your block, etc. You can also see how your property assessment compares to other properties.

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