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go mama go! Borderstan Luis Gomez Photos

1809 14th Street NW: go mama go! will close its doors in the next few months. (Luis Gomez Photos)

The 14th Street retailer go mama go! is closing its doors sometime in the next few months, according to owner Jonathan Chudnoff. He distributed a press release minutes ago by email.

“The store will remain open until the building’s owners find a new tenant. Normal operations will continue through January, followed by clearance sales of merchandise, furniture and fixtures in February and March. Rotating art exhibitions will continue until the store closes. The actual closing date will be determined once a new tenant is ready to step in.”

Chudnoff’s late wife, Noi, started the store and he kept the store open after her death. In the press release, Chudnoff cited “the twin blows of the general economic decline and the death of the store’s founder, Noi Chudnoff, whose dynamic spirit, creativity and personality were key ingredients in the store’s early success.”

Noi Chudnoff died unexpectedly on November 6, 2007. We still miss her and we will miss seeing Jonathan and popping into go mama go! Both Noi and Jonathan contributed much to 14th Street and the entire neighborhood as well as to a number of charitable and human rights causes. Good luck to Jonathan, and the store’s employees.

Full news release below fold.



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