by Tim Regan April 20, 2016 at 10:30 am 0

It appears as though the U Street corridor will lose a spot for groceries, beer and wine early next month.

Best DC Supermarket, located at 1507 U St. NW, will close on May 2, according to an employee behind the counter there. The employee did not provide their name or elaborate on why the store was closing.

From now until May 2, many of the store’s items will be sold at a discount to clear out the remaining inventory, the employee said. According to signs plastered on the front door of the business, groceries are half-off, and beer and wine will be sold at a 30 percent discount until the business closes.


by September 21, 2008 at 7:07 pm 2,344 1 Comment

We haven’t been to the new Harris Teeter yet at 1631 Kalorama Road NW. I used to sometimes shop at the one in Ballston (Arlington). Loved that store, and I have always said that if could only have one neighborhood grocery store, I would pick HT. Here’s a short review from New Columbia Heights… check out the comments:

I went to the Harris Teeter in Adams Morgan for the first time today, and I was pretty impressed. It’s not technically in Columbia Heights, but it probably is the closest grocery store for some CHers (though not me, Giant is still closer).

Basically it’s between Whole Foods and Giant on the grocery spectrum – very nice inside, friendly employees, some high end produce and stuff, but still has your normal grocery stuff. For example, they had crazy fruits I’d never heard of before (sapote,cherimoyapepino melon) but didn’t have pasta made with funky grains like quinoa.

They also have locally grown produce, which is cool, and the beer prices and selection were comparable to Giant. The lines were non-existent too, and while Giant is also slower on Saturday afternoons, there’s still always a wait there.

In short, I was a fan, and I’m going to go back more often. Anybody else have an opinion on the store?


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