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14th Street NW, District Condos,

The residential and retail development will span the S to Swann Street block on the west side of 14th Street NW. Shown above is the old Whitman-Walker Building at 14th and S Streets NW. (Luis Gomez Photos).

From Tom Hay

In a confluence of interest, developers, real estate agents, politicians, local business owners and residents gathered at Garden District, 14th and S Streets NW, on Wednesday. The occasion was the the naming announcement of the condo and retail development planned for the northwest corner of the intersection.

Demolition of the current buildings, except for the Whitman-Walker facade, should begin soon.

The site includes the historic building that housed the Whitman Walker Clinic and the properties north to Swann Street. Early in the presentation, the banner on the former Clinic building was released: the name of the luxury project will be District Condos. JBG is working with the international developer Grosvenor on the project.

Mark Darley, a Senior VP of Grosvenor, commented in his remarks that “the market has returned.”

Councilmembers Jack Evans (D-Ward 2) and Jim Graham (D-Ward 1) attended the event. Evans acknowledged that although the project was in his ward, Graham’s ward was just across the street, to the east.

Graham has strong ties to the building and the neighborhood. He served as director of the Whitman Walker Clinic from 1984 until election to the City Council in 1998. Graham recounted the successes of the clinic in its early days, and commented that the building now slated to be part of the development was purchased for $1.25 million in 1986.



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