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I received a message this morning from the MPD Second District Yahoo! Groups listserv. It appears that a customer was robbed early Saturday morning at the Sunoco gas station at the corner of 15th and U Streets NW. The staff at this same station were robbed on December 3. Here’s the message from the listserv:


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From MPD:

  • Robbery While Armed (Gun): 1824 19th Street NW (Sunday, 12/14/2008), 1:50 a.m. Complainant reports that he was walking at the event location when he was approached by two B/M’s. Suspect (1) stated to him, “You know what we want”, while suspect (2) brandished a black handgun. Taken was $320.00 US Currency. Suspects (1) and (2) fled westbound in the ally of the 1800 block of 19th St, NW. Suspect (1) is described as a B/M, 16-18 years of age, 5’10”, 160 lbs, dark complexion, wearing a white hoody and dark jeans. Suspect (2) is described as a B/M, 16-18 years of age, 5’11”, 160 lbs, dark complexion, wearing dark sweats, and dark jeans, armed with a black semiautomatic handgun. Officer Rodrigues, K., Badge #3761 reporting. 0150 hours, CCN: 176-296, 2D PSA 208. (more…)

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Got this DC Police Alert yesterday evening. There was another gun robbery on 15th Street NW, near Meridan Hill Park. Very close to a similar robbery last Saturday evening at 15th and V NW at 7 p.m. This robbery–two guys with guns–occured at 7:20 p.m. on 15th between Belmont and Chapin Streets NW in Police Service Area (PSA) 304.

Robbery (Gun) @ 1920hrs 2325 15th St. NW. LOF: (2) B/M, S-1 mid 20s, S-2 early 30s, both wearing all black clothing, winter coats w/hoods and armed with guns. DO NOT TAKE ACTION CALL 911 W/EVENT#

You can sign up online for DC Police Alerts.

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Borderstanians: There were two gun robberies in the heart of Borderstan on Thanksgiving Eve. Both of the robberies were on 15th Street–the first on the 1700-block (north of R Street) and the second on the 1600-block of 15th Street (south of Corcoran Street). Descriptions of the suspects are below with the crime info.
The following information about the muggings is from MPD Lt. Erich Miller, PSA 208, even though both crimes technically occured in East Borderstan on the east side of 15th Street NW, in PSA 307.
Incident 1: Robbery Force & Violence at 1717 15th Street NW
  • Date, Time & Location: Wednesday, November 26, at 10:30 p.m., at 1717 15th Street NW.
  • Details: Two complainants reported they were walking in the block, when three suspects approached them from the rear and began punching them. The suspects took $120 cash and fled northbound on 15th Street.
  • Lookout: Be on thelookout is for three black males, 16- to 18-years old, wearing dark coats.  

Incident 2: Robbery with a Gun at 1617 15th Street NW

  • Date, Time & Location: Thursday, November 27, at 12:15 a.m., at 1617 15th Street NW.
  • Details: Two complainants report they were walking in the block when Suspect 1 approached him from the rear, pointed a gun at him and demanded cash. Stolen was $40 cash and a cell phone. Police believe there may be a connection between this crime and the street robbery that occured about 75 minutes later in the 1900-block of R Street NW.
  • Lookout: Be on the lookout for Suspect 1: black male, 19-years old, dark complexion, 5’9″, wearing blue jeans, armed with a black handgun.  Lookout for Suspect 2: black male, 19 years old, 5’9″, wearing a black coat and black pants.

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