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‘Goods, Not Guns’
— Two Mt. Pleasant residents have started a campaign to encourage local businesses to post signs prohibiting patrons from entering with a hand-gun. The effort is a response to recent court actions that have loosened D.C.’s gun laws. [WAMU]

24-hour diner — Construction on a new 24-hour restaurant called “Olivia’s Diner” is underway at 1120 19th Street NW. The diner advertises fresh-from-scratch food with the philosophy “people come first.” [Borderstan]

Worthy Ambition — Signs for the LeDroit Park-Bloomingdale Heritage Trail are being installed in the neighborhoods. This heritage trail is titled Worthy Ambition, a line from a Paul Laurence Dunbar poem about black achievement in spite of slavery. [Left for Ledroit]

Lyman’s marks 1-year anniversary — The tavern on 14th and Quincy NW celebrated with free pinball and drink specials. [New Columbia Heights]

Park View Transportation Planning — Tonight’s meeting of the Park View United Neighborhood Coalition will focus on issues related to sidewalks, street configuration, bike lanes, trees, and traffic. The meeting  will be held at Park View Recreation Center and begins at 7 pm. [Park View DC]

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A fascinating and depressing story about how some semi-automatic weapons made their way onto D.C. streets. From The Washington Post: “A Lot Of Guns Still Got Away; Convictions Fail to Satisfy ATF And D.C. Police.”

The crime took place about two hours from Washington, on the outskirts of Richmond: Two masked burglars smashed into a sporting-goods store and walked away with 34 semiautomatic handguns.The two novice criminals, college-educated men who had been friends since their high school years in Greenbelt, pulled off the heist in June with plans to sell the guns for quick cash in and around the District. Federal agents and D.C. police arrested them about a week after the theft, but not fast enough to keep the guns off the market.

Read Post story.

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From today’s WaPo:

The D.C. Council voted unanimously yesterday to give preliminary approval to legislation that would require gun owners to renew their registrations every three years and to notify police annually whether they still own guns.

The Fire Arms Registration Amendment, which would also ban assault weapons, was described as building on legislation passed by the council in September to adhere to the U.S. Supreme Court ruling overturning the city’s 32-year handgun ban.

Read entire WaPo story.


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