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A new eatery centered around half-smokes and aimed at millennials is slated to open near U Street next month.

Owner Andre McCain plans to open his first restaurant, HalfSmoke, at 651 Florida Ave. NW. in “early August 2016,” according to a press release.

The new eatery aims to be an “inviting, sleek neighborhood gathering place in Shaw for indulging on house-made sausages and homey side dishes,” the press release continued.

Diners will be able to order and dress half smokes, bratwursts and veggie dogs with traditional toppings like cheese, onions and relish alongside offerings like kimchi and pineapple salsa. The eatery’s menu will also include “offer house-made tater tots, mac and cheese balls, funnel cakes and milkshakes,” alongside beer, wine and cocktails according to the release.

More from HalfSmoke:


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How do you eat a Ben’s Chili Bowl half smoke?

According to a new video released by the National Hot Dog and Sausage Council, there’s a right way to do it. At least, that’s what George Washington University staffer and Ben’s Chili Bowl historian Dr. Bernard Demczuk says in an interview with the council’s “Queen of Wein,” Janet Riley.

“It really saddens me to see people eating their chili dog and spilling the sauce all over the place,” Demczuk says in the video.

According to the expert, the proper way to eat a half smoke and avoid “sauce slippage” involves a six-step process. Of course, we made each step into its own informative GIF:


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You might be able to run six and a half miles, but can you run another six and a half after choking down a piping hot half-smoke from Ben’s Chili Bowl?

That’s what local runners will discover during the annual 13-mile “Half and Half” race this Saturday at 8 a.m.

During the first leg of the race, participants will run along Rock Creek, dart through Adams Morgan, detour through Dupont and finally stop at Ben’s Chili Bowl on U Street.

Then, as Borderstan contributor Kelsey Flora chronicled after running the half-marathon in 2012, racers will wolf down a half-smoke doused with chili, onions and mustard — plus a bag of chips — as fast as humanly possible.

Runners, freshly stuffed with sausage and chili, must then finish the course backwards and uphill … and attempt to keep the half-smoke down the entire time.

Those wishing to witness the fun can fill out a volunteer form to help with the race.

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Rollin’ with Kwame

What do you need in order to do your job as DC City Council Chairman, as the city faces severe budget shortfalls and turmoil over a contentious primary? Why, order a fully loaded Lincoln Navigator, of course! The Washington Post used FOIA to nab emails that indicate his office insisted that it be black, inside and out, with a moonroof, DVD system and polished aluminum wheels. His defense? “We just asked for an SUV.” *****UPDATE: As of writing, Brown has returned the vehicle, according to the Post. Who says nothing happens quickly in DC politics?!***** Also, check out the take on the whole rolling-mess (we can’t help ourselves) over at 14th & You: “Navigating” DC’s budget: What does $90,000 get you?



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