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(Courtesy of Koban Project and Delicious Spectacle)

From ArtSee. Email contact[AT] and follow ArtSee @ArtSeeinDC on Twitter.

In the art world, we tend to focus a lot on the newest gallery event or exhibition opening. But at the end of the day it’s important to swivel back a little and dive into the introspectiveness of what we do. What is the art our clients are making? How is it affecting our nuclear community and causing ripples into the greater art world at large? Is it even having an impact in today’s society?

These overarching questions are important, and that’s why for our weekly Borderstan post are writing about the Hamiltonian Gallery‘s newest event; a conversation focused purely on how a rapidly emerging art form (the DIY) is deeply affecting a larger, ever-changing genre (contemporary art). Murals on decrepit walls, elaborate chalk drawings on sidewalks, an artistic takeover of an abandoned lot. We see this happening daily in our small cluster of neighborhoods and that’s why this conversation could not be more current.

The founding members of Delicious Spectacle and the Baltimore-based Koban Project will be facilitating the conversation, which starts at 7 pm, June 17 at Hamiltonian Gallery. If you’re at all interested in the state of contemporary art and the emerging, economically sound form of DIY art, we seriously hope to see — and hear your voice — there.

Hamiltonian Gallery is at 1353 U Street NW.

Bringing the Art in DC to You–Shira Karsen


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From ArtSee. Email contact[AT] and follow ArtSee @ArtSeeinDC on Twitter.


“The Salon of Little Deaths.” (Courtesy Hamiltonian)

Landscape painting is the perennial genre of art. Reaching back to the Minoans of 1500 BCE, scenes depicting natural landscapes have been universally desirable to people of both the past and the present.

Matthew Mann and Milana Braslavsky breath new life into landscape painting and still life in their exhibition, The “Salon of Little Deaths,” on view at Hamiltonian Gallery now until June 15.

Mann, who earned a Hamiltonian Artist Fellowship in 2011, uses surrealist techniques reminiscent of Magritte, in his sometimes comical, always visually intriguing oil paintings that depict lush green trees in fields of incandescent color.

Brasklavsky, who currently works and lives in Baltimore, takes brilliantly alluring photographs of fruit, set against the backdrop of monochrome linens. Revealing the carnal quality of oranges, peaches and melons, Brasklavsky’s photographs are equally as seductive as the paintings of 17th Century Spanish painter Juan Sánchez Cotán, whose eerily realistic “Quince, Cabbage, Melon, and Cucumber” has delighted and beguiled viewers for more than 400 years.

Mann and Brasklavsky will be at Hamiltonian Gallery on Friday, May 17 from 7 to 8 pm, discussing their works in “The Salon of Little Deaths.”

Bringing the Art in DC to You – Roxanne Goldberg


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Hamiltonian Fellows, Hamiltonian Gallery, Borderstan

At the Hamiltonian Gallery: Magnolia Laurie’s “regarding the disregarded, to confuse the subject,” oil on panel 15″ x 16″, 2011. (Image courtesy Hamiltonian Gallery)

Starting tonight it’s a busy weekend at the galleries in the Borderstan area. Three new exhibitions are opening and three more are closing. All three new exhibitions open with receptions with the artists and another exhibition closes with a party.

Mix It Up

Thursday. Two new exhibitions open Thursday evening with receptions — at Long View Gallery on 9th Street NW from 6:30 to 8:30 pm… and at 14th Street’s gallery plan b from 6 to 8 pm.

“Creative Process: Four Artists’ Expressions Through Uniquely Different Mediums” is coming to Long View tonight… while over at gallery plan b, “PODS” opens for a month run.

Friday. There is a closing reception for “ChickenVille” at the Lamont Bishop Gallery on 9th Street on Friday, June 24, from 6:30 to 10 pm.

Saturday. Then on Saturday head to Hamiltonian Gallery on U Street NW for a reception with 10 Hamiltonian Fellows as they open “Fellows Converge: Broadly Thinking,” the annual show of the Fellows. The party is from 7 to 9 pm on June 25.

Exhibitions Closing

Exhibitions are closing this weekend at Curator’s Office (Saturday), Lamont Bishop Gallery (closing reception Friday) and Transformer (Saturday).

Find out what’s showing at 12 galleries in the Logan-Shaw-U Street area below the fold.


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Borderstan, Longview Gallery, 9th Street NW

“Artist of the Washington Glass School” closes this Saturday, June 18, at Long View Gallery, 1234 9th Street NW.

From Jana Petersen

There are three galleries closing their current exhibits this weekend: Gallery plan b, Hamiltonian and Long View. See descriptions below to devise your divide and conquer plans.

Gallery plan b, “Works by Gordon Binder, Works by Tanja Bos, Works by Beverly Ryan”: Each artist in this exhibit chooses a different way to paint his/her environment. While Gordon Binder captures the world around him through natural landscapes and cityscapes, Tanja Bos uses ink and paper to create ethereal scenes “that seem to glow from within” (Gallery plan b) and Beverly Ryan’s “narrative paintings are populated with soul-searching figures amongst decorative and colorful patterns” (gallery plan b).

Hamiltonian Gallery, “Concurrent Exhibitions by Three Hamiltonian Fellows: Ryan Hoover, Jessica van Brakle, and Linda Vargas de la Hoz”: In this exhibit, each artists explores the notion of physical objects and space to paint a convergence that is not normally seen — a tent made out of a clothes jacket? What about furniture implanted with micro-controllers?

Long View Gallery: Find out how students and teachers at the Washington Glass School have taken glass sculpture outside of its traditional form.

Find out what’s showing at 12 galleries in the Logan-Shaw-U Street area below the fold.


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Borderstan, Longview Gallery, 9th Street NW

“Artists of the Washington Glass School” opens Thursday, May 19 at Longview Gallery, 1234 9th Street NW. Above is “The Three” by Elizabeth Ryland Mears and William Forrest. (Image courtesy Long View Gallery)

From Jana Petersen

Spring is in full swing; with that, many art galleries in the area are also “in full bloom.” Across the next week and a half, there are a bunch of galleries with new exhibitions, and with that, lots of associated activities. So, take out your day planner/calendar, and start planning ahead and marking down these events.

Hamiltonian Gallery will host an opening reception this Saturday, May 14 from 7 to 9 pm for its exhibit featuring Ryan Hoover, Jessica van Brankle and Lina Vargas de la Cruz, three Hamiltonian fellows. This exhibit draws from various content areas and materials to explore the notion of space and structure in very different ways.

This Saturday the 14th, an opening and reception at Hamiltonian… Thursday the 19th an opening and reception at Long View… coming on Saturday the 21st are openings at gallery plan b, Lamont Bishop and Transformer.

For example, Hoover’s installation comprises a series of mid-century furniture pieces embedded with micro-controllers that pull (live-time!) feeds from his email and social media streams to display on the furniture. Head to Hamiltonian to find out how van Brankle and de la Cruz understand and paint the notions of a “paved paradise” and “clothes and space,” respectively.

Looking ahead, Long View Gallery will have its opening reception for “Artists of the Washington Glass School: The First Ten Years” at 6:30 pm on Thursday, May 19. This exhibit features the works of over eleven artists who taught or were students at the renowned Washington Glass School, and strives to show how glass-making and glass sculptures have become a metaphorical and more creative art than its often traditional portrayal as standardized dining-ware.

These highlights are just a small taste of the different openings and associated events in the area. Stay tuned for more opening receptions next week; in the meantime, be sure to check out the full list below.

Find out what’s showing at 12 galleries in the Logan-Shaw-U Street area below the fold.


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dNASAb, Unique sculpture, Irvine Contemporary Gallery, Washington, DC, Borderstan

From Jana Petersen

This Saturday is the last call to see “Call and Response: Textures” and “Sketch” at the Hamiltonian Gallery and Transformer Gallery, respectively.

About “Call + Response: Textures” at Hamiltonian. “Call + Response: Textures” fittingly builds on the theme of “call and response,” a succession of two distinct phrases played by different musicians, in which the second phrase comments on or responds to the first. In the case of this exhibit, a writer provides the “call” in the form of a new, intense piece of short fiction or poetry, which incites an artistic installation, the “response.” The final result: harmony between two seemingly disparate worlds. Hamiltonian Gallery is at 1353 U Street NW.

About “Sketch” at Transformer. “Sketch” is an exhibition designed to highlight and investigate the creative processes and development of art through sketchbooks. “Sketch” features the sketchbooks of 16 local artists, all currently on display at Transformer, which is at 1404 P Street NW.

Each of these exhibits knocks down any wall of artistic convention, and embodies, if not demands, discourse, engagement and dialogue between two parties generally understood as distinct. “Call + Response” is an exhibit that is highly interactive among the artistic pairing (writer and visual artist). One work is the byproduct of another; one cannot stand on its own without the other.

Similarly, “Sketch” is set up in a way that it demands participation from the viewer; though it has rounded out its opportunities for draw-ins from community members, the exhibit still presents the work of D.C. natives and is staged in a way that invites patrons to flip through each artist’s sketchbook as fast or as slow as the viewer wants.

Find out what’s showing at 12 galleries in the Logan-Shaw-U Street area below the fold.


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Borderstan, Galleries,

What’s showing at 11 galleries in the Dupont-Logan area?

Three galleries host opening receptions Saturday, March 12: gallery plan b, Hamiltonian Gallery and Project 4.

It’s also your last chance to see the group show at Long View Gallery and Lauren Rice’s “Heirlooms” at Transformer. Both exhibitions close this weekend.

Find out what’s showing at 11 galleries in the Logan-Shaw-U Street area below the fold.


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Borderstan, Galleries,

What’s showing at 11 galleries in the Dupont-Logan area?

With the spring weather starting to show up, take a stroll around Borderstan and see what’s on exhibit at local galleries. There are no openings (and receptions) this weekend.

But if you haven’t seen “Saturnalia” at Irvine Contemporary… checked out the excellent work of Paula Amt and Rod Glover at gallery plan b… or seen “Bound: Selin Balci & Katherine Mann” at the Hamiltonian Gallery, this is your last weekend to catch them.

Find out what’s showing at 11 galleries in the Logan-Shaw-U Street area below the fold.


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gallery plan b, Borderstan, Luis Gomez Photos

At gallery plan b through March 6: “Paintings by Paula Amt and Sculpture by Rod Glover” (Luis Gomez Photos)

What’s on exhibit at local galleries? There are no openings (and receptions) this weekend. But, here’s a tip: You have two more weekends to see these two exhibitions.


At Hamiltonian Gallery, 1353 U Street NW: “Bound: Selin Balci & Katherine Mann” is showing through Saturday, March 5: “Whether in Balci’s laboratory approach or Mann’s painterly exploration, both artists create vivid abstractions, ripe with notions of growth, wonder and subjugation. Within the context of aestheticism, both examine the limits of their medium, as well as notions of humanity within an expanded ecologic understanding of the living world.”

“Paintings by Paula Amt and Sculpture by Rod Glover”

At gallery plan b, 1530 14th Street NW: “Paintings by Paula Amt and Sculpture by Rod Glover” runs through Sunday, March 6: “Paula Amt’s paintings are about things that catch her eye — insignificant items or images are brought to significance as the looming, silhouetted subjects of her paintings. Rod Glover offers a very personal body of work with challenges to himself regarding materials and location.  He incorporates scorched wood and found items in a collection of assembled sculptures.” Amt is the gallery owner and Rod Glover is a partner in Home Rule, the 14th Street home goods store.

Find out what’s showing at 11 galleries in the Logan-Shaw-U Street area below the fold.


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Borderstan Art Galleries

Get the listings for 11 galleries in the U Street-Logan-Shaw area. (Luis Gomez Photos)

Two openings this week at area galleries and one next week. First, this week:

Find out what’s opening next week at Ann Loeb Bronfman Gallery in the listings for 11 galleries below.


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At Irvine Contemporary: Melissa Ichiuji, “Nature’s Promise,” 2010. Fabric, wood, nylon, feathers, wallpaper, found objects, mixed media. 30 x 55 x 6 inches. (Courtesy Ivrine Contemporary)

“Saturnalia: New Work by Gallery Artists” opens Saturday, January 8 at Irvine Contemporary on 14th Street NW. The exhibition will include works by eight artists: Teo González, Melissa Ichiuji, Hedieh Javanshir Ilchi, Akemi Maegawa, Alexa Meade, Susana Raab, and Nicholas Kahn & Richard Selesnick. The opening reception is from 6 to 8 pm; the exhibition runs through February 12.

Exhibitions Closing

  • “New Work” by Paula Crawford at the Long View closes tonight, Thursday, January 6 (at 1234 9th Street NW).
  • Victoria F. Gaitan & Cecilia Paredes: “Foto Baroque” is at The Curator’s Office through Saturday, January 8 (at 1515 14th Street NW).

Another Week

  • At the Hamiltonian Gallery through Saturday, January 15: Magnolia Laurie: “holding up” and Jon Bobby Benjamin: “going home” (at 1353 U Street NW). There is an artist talk on Wednesday, January 12 at 7 pm.
  • “ALPTRAUM!” is at the Transformer through Saturday, January 15 (at 1404 P Street NW).

Check out the listings for exhibitions at 10 galleries in the Logan-Shaw-U Street area below — and find out what’s opening next weekend.


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U Street Shaw Logan Circle Luis Gomez Photos

Find out what’s on exhibit in the Logan-Shaw-U Street area. (Luis Gomez Photos)

Four of 10 galleries in the neighborhood have exhibitions:

  • Victoria F. Gaitan & Cecilia Paredes: “Foto Baroque” is at The Curator’s Office through Saturday, January 8 (at 1515 14th Street NW).
  • At the Hamiltonian Gallery through Saturday, January 15: Magnolia Laurie: “holding up” and Jon Bobby Benjamin: “going home” (at 1353 U Street NW).
  • “New Work” by Paula Craford is at the Long View through Thursday, January 6 (at 1234 9th Street NW).
  • “ALPTRAUM!” is at the Transformer through Saturday, January 15 (at 1404 P Street NW).

Plus, find out what’s opening in January. Check out the listings for exhibitions at 10 galleries in the Logan-Shaw-U Street area below.


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Borderstan map

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From Michelle Lancaster. Got a news tip or event? Send Michelle an email.

National Portrait Gallery Commissioner Resigns in Protest

By now, you must have seen the stories on the ‘Hide/Seek’ video installation getting pulled due to political pressure (if you missed, for shame! Go here and here and rejoin us). We Love DC got the scoop on the resignation of the Commissioner today in protest over the censorship.

New Art in Borderstan: Hamiltonian Gallery Exhibit Opens Dec. 11

If you’re looking for something to do this weekend, check out the new exhibit at Hamiltonian Gallery. A new two-person exhibition: Magnolia Laurie, holding up; Jon Bobby Benjamin, going home opens December 11. Join them at their opening reception on the 11th from 7  to 9 pm. Event info here, gallery info here.

Man Involved in Bicycle Hit and Run Passes Away

DCist has the sad story of the death of an elderly man struck by a bicycle on Massachusetts Avenue NW last month. If you have any details or information, please contact authorities at 202-727-9099 or 1-888-919-2746, or anonymously via 1-866-411-TIPS.

Logan Circle to Get Oysters, Jeff Black is Sure of It

Jeff Black is moving ahead with his planned restaurant in Logan Circle, Pearl Dive Oyster Palace and BlackJack, TBD reports. He has put down the money on the building even before getting his liquor license approved, a bold move with the area’s recent history with licenses (especially at oyster places).

But if You Are an Oyster Fiend…

You don’t have to wait for this to open. Hank’s Oyster Bar announced their New Year’s Eve menu on Twitter before noon and I’ve been hungry since then.

Give a Warm and Fuzzy (Sweater) to Get One (Warm and Fuzzy Feeling)

Ginger Root on U Street is taking recycling to a new level this winter. Bring in a used/old/unwearable sweater and they will turn it into two hats, one of which is donated to charity. U Street Girl has the details.

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U Street NW 14th Street NW Logan Circle

Check the listings for 10 art galleries in the Logan-U Street area. (Luis Gomez Photos)

From Cecile Oreste at danceDC

If you are in the neighborhood this weekend, here are details on an opening reception and two closings at local galleries:

  • Gallery plan b on 14th St. NW hosts the opening reception of its Year End Group Show on Saturday, Dec. 4, from 6 pm to 8 pm.
  • Project 4 on U St. NW will also host an opening reception for its year-end art festival on Saturday from 6:30 pm to 9:30 pm.
  • “Proofs” and “Recordings” closes this Saturday at Hamiltonian Gallery on U St. NW.
  • Tang: “Freedom and Its Owner” also closes this weekend at Transformer on P St. NW. Saturday, Dec. 4 is the last day to view the exhibition.

Listings for exhibitions at Bronfman Gallery, Curator’s Office, Hemphill Fine Arts and Irvine Contemporary are below.

Ann Loeb Bronfman Gallery
DC Jewish Community Center
1529 16th St. NW
Miriam Morsel Nathan
“Memory of a time I did not know…”
Through Friday, Dec. 17
Sunday-Thursday 10 am-10 pm
Friday 10 am-4 pm
Curator’s Office
1515 14th St. NW
Victoria F. Gaitan & Cecilia Paredes
“Foto Baroque”
Through Saturday, Jan. 8
Wednesday-Saturday 12 pm-6 pm
gallery plan b
1530 14th St. NW
Year End Group Show
Through Friday, Dec. 24Opening reception with the artists
Saturday, Dec. 4
6 pm-8 pm

Wednesday-Saturday 12 pm-7 pm
Sunday 1 pm-5 pm

Hamiltonian Gallery
1353 U St. NW
Elena Volkova, “Proofs”
Renee Van Der Stelt, “Recordings”
Through Saturday, Dec. 4
Tuesday-Saturday 12 pm-6 pm
Hemphill Fine Arts
1515 14th St. NW
Julie Wolfe
Through Thursday, Dec. 23
Tuesday-Saturday 10 am-5 pm
Irvine Contemporary
1412 14th Street NW
Shepard Fairey, Jose Farla, Swoon, Romon Yang (Rostarr)
“Street/Studio 2.0”
Through Saturday, Dec. 18
Tuesday-Saturday 11am-6pm
Joan Hisaoka Healing Arts Gallery
Smith Farm Center for Healing and the Arts
1632 U St. NW
The gallery will be temporarily closed until expansion construction is complete, however the Center has invited artists to take over their window display.The In-Flux Window Peep Show is on display 24 hours during construction starting in January 2011.
Long View Gallery
1234 9th St. NW
Paula Crawford
“New Work”
Opens Thursday, Dec. 9
Wednesday-Saturday 11 am-6 pm
Sunday 12 pm-5 pm
Project 4 Gallery
1353 U St. NW
“Yuletide” A Year-End Art Festival
Dec. 4 through Dec. 22 Opening reception with the artists
Saturday, Dec. 4
6:30 pm-9:30 pm

extended gallery hours Monday-Saturday 12 pm-6 pm

Transformer Gallery
1404 P St. NW
“Freedom & Its Owner”
Through Saturday, Dec. 4
Wednesday-Saturday 1 pm-7 pm

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Luis Gomez Photos U Street NW Logan Circle art galleries

Get listings for 10 galleries in the Dupont-Logan-U Street area. (Luis Gomez Photos)

Saturday is the last day to catch two artists at Irvine Contemporary on 14th Street: Phil Nesmith’s “Flow,” and Bruno Perillo’s “Uniform.” It’s also the final day to see “Fairy Tale Meets Flesh” from James Rieck and Jonathan Monaghan at Hamiltonian Gallery on U Street NW. Hours for both galleries are in the listing below the fold.

There are new exhibitions opening this weekend as well. Friday night is the opening reception at Long View for Scott Brooks’ exhibit, “We The People.” On Saturday, Transformer Gallery on P Street NW hosts an open house for their new exhibit, “Tang: Freedom & Its Owner.Visitors can enjoy Lillie Ruth Bussey and flavored coffees and chocolates by ACKC from 1pm to 7pm.

Below the fold: listings for these galleries plus Ann Loeb Bronfman Gallery (DC Jewish Community Center),Curator’s Office, Project 4 Gallery, Joan Hisaoka Healing Arts Gallery, gallery plan b and Hemphill Fine Arts.



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