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Cameraby Mary Burgan

This week Mary the Borderstan Movie Fan makes some recommendations about high school musicals. Mary’s column runs every two weeks. Links to her earlier columns are at the bottom of this posting.

I’ve always loved movie musicals, and in flight from current Cineplex offerings about vampires and apocalyptic invasions from outer or inner space, I live in hope that they will return. That’s why I went to see the remake of Fame a couple of weeks ago. Walking into the theater with my reluctant spouse, whose idea of an exciting movie is My Dinner with Andre, I repressed the thought that my own longing for an old-fashioned song and dance flick is, basically, adolescent.

My love of musicals does link me and my granddaughters, as a matter of fact. We were the ones who forced the whole family to see Hairspray in the summer of 2007, and we watched large swatches of the first High School Musical on the Disney Channel last year while the boys groaned. I concluded then that if movie musicals ever returned, they would come set in some high school because of girls like us.



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