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Dupont, Logan and the West End DC’s most walkable neighborhood. (Luis Gomez Photos)

Overall, the Dupont Circle neighborhood pulled in a Walk Score of 98, followed by the West End and downtown.

The area’s mix of homes, apartment buildings, restaurants and stores — plus its proximity to downtown offices and buildings — makes Dupont an incredibly convenient and walkable neighborhood.

According to the article, America’s number one walkable city is New York, followed by San Francisco, Boston and Chicago.

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By Michelle Lancaster. Follow her and let her know your news on Twitter @MichLancaster. Email her at michellel[AT]

"Borderstan""U Street NW"

The ill Metro bus driver was working the 52 and 54 lines last Friday morning on 14th Street NW. (Cody Telep, file photo)

Just when you thought your biggest worry was the bus actually showing up, here’s some scary news. Metro issued a viral meningitis warning for the 14th Street bus line.

Huffington Post broke the story on Monday that a driver working the 14th Street to L’Enfant Plaza morning shift was diagnosed with viral meningitis. Apparently it was the 52 and 54 lines.

(And if you don’t understand my reference to Professor Plum, read up!)

The operator is clearly not working any longer and is recovering; the bus was removed from service to be sanitized. Other buses in the Northern Division were also sanitized.

Viral meningitis is not typically fatal and most adults with a good immune system recover within a week or so. But if you rode the 52 or 54 on Friday morning and feel ill, see the doctor!

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Peregrine Coffee, 14th Street NW, Logan Circle, Luis Gomez Photos

Peregrine on 14th Street NW now offers a delivery service. (Luis Gomez Photos)

From Michelle Lancaster. You can follow her and tell her your news on Twitter @MichLancasterEmail her at [email protected].

Hot to Trot

Part of the reason we love Counter Culture coffee is the fact that you can’t just buy this sustainably harvested fair trade bean anywhere. Luckily, Peregrine now has a new Pedaler by Peregrine coffee delivery program that brings Counter Culture to you. On Thursdays between noon and 4 pm, Peregrine staff members will bring your whole bean coffee right to your door if you live between Columbia Road and H Street NW, as far east as 7th Street NW and as far west as Rock Creek Parkway. In true Peregrine style, you’ll also receive a bean bio of your roast and a discount on coffee brewing equipment. Visit the Pedaler by Peregrine website to start your coffee subscription using a 10% coupon.

Street Fair Fare at H Street

For a view of a different neighborhood (without a liquor license moratorium, for now), make the trek to H Street NE for their 2011 Festival. It runs noon to 7 pm and includes street parades, a pie eating contest, drum lines and marching bands — essentially, all the things that make street fairs awesome. There will also be food from the local restaurants, a fleet of food trucks, local artists and vendors.

DC Huffington Post Launches

Do we need a California-based identity with a national base of contributors to launch a blog to cover ‘real’ DC from a hyperlocal perspective? We’re not scared of the competition! It will be interesting to see how the venture works with the HuffPo logo and brand with a decidedly local to DC focus. If it succeeds, it may be due to their pick of an editor — Michael Grass, the co-founder of DCist. Check out his explanation of the HuffPostDC venture here.

Senate Version of DC Spending Bill Does Not Include Abortion Ban

In the ongoing battle of DC’s rights and the GOP agenda, DC scored a point or two for autonomy in the budget battle. While federal funds are still blocked from paying for abortion, the city tax revenue can continue to fund abortion in the city limits. The Washington Post reports on the Senate draft bill which will now go to the full appropriations committee for a vote. It remains to be seen what the House of Representatives will do with the city funding provision, though.

Streetscaping Back On the Ledger for Georgia Avenue

Score one for Ward One and their attempt at beautifying Georgia Avenue NW. After a protracting battle with the Mayor, Councilmember Jim Graham emerged with $1.44 million in restored funds for the project, Washington Examiner reports. Of course, while we are all for trees, it leaves a budget shortfall for renovating an old warehouse for DC police. What do you think of the budget shifting?

Venue Openings in DC Gay Nightlife

Expect Phase 1 to take over the former Apex space and Mova to reopen on the busy 14th Street NW strip shortly, says the Washington Blade. Also expect (or hope, or protest, depending on your inclination towards bars on 17th Street NW) a new inhabitant in the old Club Chaos space. Uproar Lounge and Restaurant has launched a Facebook page and hopes to open this summer. However, no one has come forward to try to claim the existing liquor license for Chaos, which would be necessary to open given the area’s liquor license moratorium. Expect more uproar over Uproar before it’s all said and done.

New Chef at DC9

The rock and roll bar has seen quite a few changes in the past year, but this is one of the more welcomed ones. They’ve hired Amber Bursik, who has worked with top DC names like Frank Ruta (Palena) and Barton Seaver (formerly of Hook). There are some seriously delicious sounding Southern-inspired dishes on the menu (anyone that doesn’t like fried green tomatoes may not like puppies and the flag) and some vegetarian dishes as well, such as her take on Red Beans & Rice.

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Borderstan's Diane Tucker is blogging for The Huffington Post's campaign series, "Off the Bus."

Diane Tucker

Borderstanian Diane Tucker, who is blogging the 2008 presidential campaign, as part of Huffington Post’s “Off the Bus,” series, has a new post, “Ohio GOP Still Chasing Undecideds; Dems Making Sure Supporters Pull The Lever.”

YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio — “Remember, there’s early voting in Ohio so don’t wait,” said Barack Obama, at a rally in Toledo. There was a tinge of urgency in his voice. The candidate was in the Buckeye State this week because the race here is almost a dead heat. A CNN/Time poll puts Obama up by 3; the Ohio Newspaper Poll puts McCain up by 2.

“The race is going one way — then the next day, it goes the other way. Ohio is flopping like a fish,” said Jimmy Georgiades, operations manager at WKTX-AM 830 radio, a local station in Youngstown. Callers to WKTX are upset with both candidates. “We all want change, but to what? Neither candidate will give us an honest answer.”

Read entire post.

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Borderstan's Diane Tucker is blogging for The Huffington Post's campaign series, "Off the Bus."

Diane Tucker

Borderstanian Diane Tucker has a posting today on The Huffington Post about military families and how they may vote on November 4, “Younger Military Families Closing Ranks Around Obama.” Tucker is blogging for The Huffington Post as part of its “Off the Bus” campaign coverage series:

QUANTICO, Va. — One of the largest U.S. marine bases in the world is located in Quantico, a tidy town with scant election fanfare. Everyone who lives here just assumes Republicans have a lock on the military vote. And so when Obama signs began to appear, tongues began to wag.

“At first I was worried about how my neighbors would view it,” said former marine corporal Dawn Jennings, 31, who bravely put an Obama sign in the center of her front yard. Jennings told OffTheBus that Quantico is the “kind of place where they’ll ask you to remove an Obama bumper sticker from your car.”

Read entire post.

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What are people in neighborhood saying about the 2008 presidential campaign? Borderstanian Diane Tucker talked to some local residents for this blog posting on Huffington Post’s “Off the Bus” series. The posting is, “Post-Convention Democratic Dip: D.C. Street Polling Serves Up Doldrums.”

WASHINGTON, D.C. — Political activist Tom Hayden and I have two things in common: we both attended the University of Michigan during the Pleistocene era and we both think Barack Obama will probably lose the 2008 presidential election.

For Hayden, the reason Obama will lose is simply this: a white war hero will always trump a black candidate who’s talking about the economy. That’s a seductive soundbite. But is it true?

Read full post. Note that you can comment on Diane’s posting.

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The Huffington Post, the creation of Arianna Huffington, has become one of the biggest and most comprehensive blogs (an “Internet Newspaper”) in the blogosphere. Borderstan’s Diane Tucker is now blogging about the presidential election for Huffington Post as part of the “Huffpost’s Off the Bus: Ground Level Coverage of Campaign ’08.”

We’ve added Diane’s campaign blog to the Blogroll in the right-hand column. Be sure to check out Diane’s columns; her latest is “Gitmo on The Platte: Your Denver Guide to Convention Doublespeak.” You can find some biographical information about Diane when you go to her page. Alas, she mentions nothing about being a Borderstanian!

Diane Tucker is a writer/producer/director and owner of tücreate, an award-winning multi-media production company. Her work has appeared on Discovery Channel, History Channel,, WXYZ-TV, many International Auto Show screens, and a couple of sandwich boards. She lives in Washington, D.C., but calls “Motown” home.


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