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Jack Abramoff, the one-time hot shot lobbyist, has been seen often around Dupont Circle as of late, eating lunch at Eli’s and lately bemoaning how he will repay $44 million dollars while staring moodily into his overpriced Starbucks half caf*.

Huffington Post digs into what he’s up to these days, which includes his new job at United Republic, where he — and I am not joking — advocates for political reform, including restricting lobbyists from donating to campaigns. The bottom line is this: Jack doesn’t care if you believe him or not, he doesn’t think you’re going to buy enough of his books to make you rich and he seems sort of sad about his current lot in life. It’s hard to tell if he’s just challenged by his debt and the cards stacked against him that may prevent him from being an effective voice for reform. Or he could just really miss cigars and scotch at Signatures. But he is not sad enough to do Dancing with the Stars.

If someone sees him around, please buy him a pastrami on rye or an iced tea and take a picture!

*Borderstan used poetic license to say Jack drinks half-cafs. The article references iced tea, but we stand by our statement on the price range for a guy that owes that much cash to the feds.

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