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Bigger is better, or at least that’s what the purveyors behind Logan Circle’s newest gay bar want you to think.

Trade, a new bar from Number Nine and Town Danceboutique owners John Guggenmos, Chachi Boyle and Ed Bailey will open its doors tonight at 1410 14th St. at 5 p.m.

Every day from opening until 10 p.m., the bar will sell regularly priced cocktails in 16 ounce pint glasses during a promotion it calls “huge happy hour.” But patrons looking for a happy hour drink menu won’t find one, said manager Aaron Riggins. In fact, they won’t find a list of drinks at all.


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Guggenmos at ANC 2F

Number Nine and Town Danceboutique co-owner John Guggenmos seeks to open a “comfortable” new tavern on 14th Street NW.

Guggenmos said last night during a monthly ANC 2F meeting that the new business would be located at 1410 14th Street NW in the space under Black Whiskey.

That storefront is currently occupied by Jrink juicery, which will move to Shaw in August.

If all goes according to plan, the new tavern — still unnamed — will have a small dance floor, live DJs and feature architectural design elements made from salvaged materials.

“One of the things we’ll be looking to do here is use materials that give them all a second life,” said Guggenmos during his presentation to ANC 2F’s commissioners.

For instance, Guggenmos said he would like to build an outdoor seating area’s fence out of wood found in the wreckage of a barn destroyed by a tornado.

“You take down this wonderful old barn wood and give it a second life,” he said. “These big, thick old planks; you couldn’t buy something new that has that character.”

Guggenmos hopes the salvaged materials will lend the tavern a comfortable feel.

“I was criticized with Number Nine for making it too nice,” said Guggenmos. “People didn’t feel like they could put their feet up.”


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