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Justin Bittner, Bar Pilar, Alejandra Owens

Justin Bittner at Bar Pilar.

From Alejandra Owens. You can find her on Twitter at @frijolita and her food blog One Bite At A Time. Check out her January restaurant profile of Bar Pilar.

Name: Justin Bittner
Restaurant: Chef at Bar Pilar, 1833 14th Street NW
Age: 30
Hometown: Baltimore
Current Residence: Baltimore
Tattoo Count: 0

Borderstan: What brought you to D.C? How long have you been here?
Bittner: I came to town for a job opportunity at Bar Pilar and I’ve been working here for four years and change.

Borderstan: Lots of chefs have a cause or nonprofit they support — what’s yours?
Bittner: I don’t have one.

Borderstan: Favorite dish on your menu?
Bittner: Crispy roasted potatoes with aioli.



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