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Dupont Circle, Logan Circle, U Street NW, Borderstan

News from Dupont-Logan-U Street.

By Michelle Lancaster. You can find her on Twitter @MichLancaster.

“Young Adults” Drive D.C. Growth

Two quick thoughts: one, the term ‘young adults’ seems patronizing, pedantic and befitting R.L. Stine books rather than college graduates with shiny new jobs; two, Courtland Milloy was onto something with that ‘creative class’ diatribe on the growth of young people in the district. Now, the real story — The Washington Post reports that Census data indicates young professionals in their 20’s and 30’s were responsible for almost all of the city’s growth. Shaw and Logan Circle are two areas that attracted the new, younger residents. Apparently, the city is becoming fun! Obvious jabs at the “no, really, we are cool” bit aside, this population shift should mean interesting things as ANC’s and the City Council deliberate decisions that will impact the future of our schools, transportation, housing and businesses.


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Robert Wone, Swann Street NW, Borderstan

Recognize this Swann Street house? It can be yours for $1.599 million.

I’m back from Italy… hope I didn’t miss too much. Tell me about it @MichLancaster.

Another Infamous House for Sale

While Bob Woodward’s source was named Deep Throat, that was about as tawdry as it got for Woodward and his apartment (up for sale and in Wednesday’s SYMHM). Not so for the house where Robert Wone was murdered, which is up for sale again (not by the owner at the time of Wone’s murder). The list price is $1.599 million and we’ heard there’s an open house this Sunday afternoon from 1 to 4 pm. has more info on the house.

If you are a new resident not yet familiar with the tangled story, check out the comprehensive site Who Murdered Robert Wone, which is run by four editors who also live in the Borderstan area. Wone was murdered in the house at 1509 Swann Street NW on August 2, 2006. To date no one has been charged in his murder.


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Kal Penn. (Borderstan)

The actor Kal Penn was reportedly robbed early this morning at gunpoint in the Dupont-Logan area, on the 1500 block of S Street NW, according to TMZ and

Penn has been a resident of the area since last year when he took a job to work in the Obama administration. However, he recently decided to return to Hollywood.  Penn is known as one of the starts of the two Harold and Kumar movies and a had a role as a doctor in the TV show, House. picked up the story from TMZ:

“A Metro Police report says that at 1:20 a.m., a male victim reported that while walking in the 1500 block of S St. N.W., a subject approached, showed him a handgun and ordered him to get down on the ground. The victim handed over his wallet and cell phone. A second suspect was standing nearby during the robbery; he was joined by the first suspect after the robbery.”

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What, you ask, do the Oscars have to do with our neighborhood or DC? Technically, nothing. But, we’re doing a few postings on the 82nd Annual Academy Awards this Sunday because:

So, let’s see how Borderstan readers do in predicting the Best Picture winner. Before casting your vote, be sure to check out what Mary the Borderstan Movie Fan has to say about this year’s 10 nominees (yes, Mary really does live in Borderstan). On Saturday, you will be able to vote for Best Actor and Best Actress here at Borderstan.

Vote for Best Picture below the fold.


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Aviator-style sunglasses from Rayban. (Image:

Aviator-style sunglasses from Rayban. (Image:

A few days ago, I was getting in my car for the commute to the suburbs and happened to look up to see a man walking down the sidewalk toward me. He looked vaguely familiar in an unfamiliar way, especially since he was wearing sunglasses.

It took me a couple of seconds, but I realized it was new Borderstanian Kal Penn on his way to work at The White House. The blue suit and backpack were pure DC, but Penn’s saunter and large, aviator-style sunglasses were total California.

A neighbor reports that she saw Penn a few days prior to my siting, but she didn’t say hello; she was walking her dog and was in the process of picking up dog doo.

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A source tells us she saw Kal Penn moving into his diggs in Borderstan this evening.

A source tells us she saw Kal Penn moving into his diggs in Borderstan this evening. (Photo: Washington Examiner, Feb. 2009.)

A source just told us that she saw actor/policy wonk/Obama Administration staffer Kal Penn moving into his abode in Borderstan. Yes, we’re 99% sure that we know the address, but we aren’t going to tell you. We’d like Penn to have an opportunity to settle in and find Borderstan to be a welcoming place. (more…)


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