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Jonathan Levin, CEO of L2 Federal Resources. (Luis Gomez Photos)

Government is complicated, but a Dupont Circle-based business works on keeping professionals up-to-speed on the latest and greatest in government contracting.

The company, L2 Federal Resources, provides training webinars on everything from regulatory updates to accounting best practices and even marketing to the federal government.

“Our customers are generally executives, counsel or contracting professionals that are actively engaged in federal contracts with the government,” said Jonathan Levin, CEO of L2 Federal Resources. “We have also trained every branch of the military and personnel from 18 federal agencies.”

Jonathan is co-owner with his father, Paul Levin, their shared surnames being responsible for the “L2” in the company’s name.

While Jonathan manages the day-to-day, it was Paul whose inspiration led to L2 Federal Resources.

“He owns a separate company (WPL Publishing, Inc.) that produces training and publishes newsletters for the construction industry,” Jonathan said. “After a long career as a civil engineer and construction consultant, he felt that with some tweaks his successful company could be replicated to provide training for federal government contractors.”

Being in the business of keeping others informed about what’s new with the federal government may seem like a chore, but L2 Federal Resources takes a three-pronged approach to staying informed.

The Levins continuously read the news and trade publications, they attend trade shows and take advantage of their government contracting association memberships, and network with those in the government contracting industry.

To this end Jonathan started and runs a Meetup for young contractors called Next Gen Government Contractors.

Another way L2 stays abreast of what it needs to knows is through an active customer development channel.

“We have dialogue with the firms that we have developed relationships with to hear what issues they are working on for or hearing about from their clients,” Levin said.

In fact, customer service is one of the differentiators Jonathan says separates L2 from its competitors. The company also allows its customers to stream its recorded webinars from any Internet-connected computer, including mobile or tablet devices. And they try to recruit engaging, expert speakers to deliver the webinars.

According to Jonathan another way in which L2 stands apart from others in its industry is by being a family owned business.

The next phase for L2 Federal Resources is a focus on producing webinars or eLearning for the government itself. “eLearning is a capability we have that we do not deploy to the private market because we found that it just wouldn’t sell, but that government agencies and large corporations are investing heavily in,” Jonathan said.

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