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Leaf Collection on Monday. (Luis Gomez Photos)

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Borderstan, it’s time to break-out those rakes and leaf blowers. The DC Department of Public Works (DPW) will begin collecting leaves Monday, November 5 and will continue collections through January 12, 2013.

Leaves will be collected by DPW from every residential street in the District. Residents are asked to rake loose leaves into the treeboxes, not into the street. DPW crews will then come by and vacuum the leaves, which will be composted. The city will also collect and compost bagged leaves left in the treeboxes.

“Collecting leaves is a public safety function,” said DPW Director William O. Howland, Jr. in a press release statement. “Wet or dry leaves can cause pedestrians to fall and cars to skid. Leaves can block catch basins, which can lead to flooding. Leaves raked into the street, rather than the treebox, reduce available parking spaces. Starting a car parked over dry leaves can cause them to ignite.”

To ensure leaves are collected, residents are asked to check DPW’s collection schedule, which is available online.

Here are some tips for leaf collecting, provided by DPW:

  • Look up your street’s collection schedule in the leaf collection brochure or at
  • Rake leaves into the treebox the weekend before your street’s collection cycles. If you don’t have a treebox, leaves should be placed adjacent to the curb but not in the gutter or the street.
  • Please – leaves only! Tree limbs, bricks, dirt, rocks, etc., will damage the equipment and delay collections.
  • If you choose to bag your leaves, place the bags in the treebox or next to the trash/recycling container(s).
  • Drive slowly around our crews’ work area so no one gets hurt.

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