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Lebodome, Borderstan, Scott Leibowitz

Lockout! Scott sums up the situation with the NFL and NBA. (Illustration by Luis Gomez)

Scott Leibowitz, Borderstan, Lebodome

Scott Leibowitz

From Scott Leibowitz. Find Scott on Twitter @Lebodome.

Of course the economy isn’t fixed yet; if it were, the NBA and NFL wouldn’t be in lockouts.

After watching President Obama‘s latest press conference on the budget negotiations, I had a thought that hit me like a linebacker sacking a blind-sided  quaterback (one of my favorite hits in the game):
the current  NBA and NFL lockouts are linked to our federal economy. All of these lockouts and struggles are no coincidence… America needs its football (and hoops) for our economy’s sake.

What is exactly going on? I am not an expert or lawyer so my next two paragraphs are loaded with links explaining both…



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