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Click on the collage for more photos: Lost Society will open this Friday at the northeast corner of 14th and U Streets NW. (Alejandra Owens)

This post is by Alejandra Owens. You can find her on Twitter at @frijolita or her food blog, One Bite At A Time.

Check out the preview photos of the Lost Society space and some of the dishes you’ll find on the menu.

14th Street. The city’s new restaurant mecca… or, at least wannabe mecca. While some are still only talking about opening a restaurant on 14th Street, others are actually doing it. Enter: Lost Society.

This three-floor, boutique steakhouse is designed to evoke “feelings of a Victorian underground scene.” Velvet curtains envelop dining booths, purple velvet couches are plush and deep and there’s the Victorian bust wall paper to round out the “rich and old” vibe without the more literal “ducks, wood panel walls and dark green paint” D.C.’s usual steakhouse gives you.


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Dupont Festival, Cinema in the Circle, Luis Gomez Photos

Cinema in the Circle showed the 1981 classic, “E.T.” on Friday evening in Dupont Circle. It was part of the Dupont Festival series of events. (Luis Gomez Photos)

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New York Same-Sex Marriage

Alright alright, it’s not about Borderstan, nor is it even about our humble District, but the big news this weekend came from a bit North and it seemed irresponsible to ignore it. After years of debate, New York is finally allowing same-sex marriage, becoming the largest state in the country to do so. All but one Democrat and even four Republicans in the state Senate voted in favor of the bill, which passed by a slim 33 to 29 margin. New York becomes the sixth state to allow same-sex marriage, joining Connecticut, Iowa, Massachusetts, New Hampshire and Vermont — and of course, the District of Columbia. Check out the The New York Times for more information. Oh… if you live in Rhode Island or Maryland, those states will recognize your same-sex marriage from another state, but you cannot get married in either of them.



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