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Metro display ads Aug 2016

Fully animated advertisements might soon catch your eye at Metro stations across the District and the surrounding area.

A national billboard and transit ad company is working to install brand new digital displays at key stations across the city, according to Metro.

“Over the next few weeks, our partner OUTFRONT Media will be replacing some existing, static advertising dioramas in the Metrorail System with new 65″ digital panels,” said Metro representative Morgan Dye.

The displays, which loop video advertisements in crystal clear quality, were recently installed at seven Metro stations across the District, including Columbia Heights, Dupont Circle and McPherson Square, Dye said.

Additional digital displays are set to be installed soon at Metro’s Farragut West and Foggy Bottom stations, Dye added.

Here’s Metro’s full list of the stations included in the project’s first phase:


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Yafa Grille at 14th and I streets NW

Shawarma, falafel and pitas are slated to come to a space just outside of the east entrance to the McPherson Square Metro station in the coming weeks.

Yafa Grille is set to open at 14th and I streets NW in “mid-September,” co-owner Walt Hash told Borderstan this morning. The eatery will take over the storefront that the Lighter restaurant previously occupied next to a Five Guys Burgers and Fries.

Hash said he hopes the restaurant’s location will make it an “eye-catcher.”

“It’s a good area,” he said. “Fourteenth Street is very popular.”

The co-owner plans to keep the eatery open for lunch and dinner seven days a week, with late-night hours on Fridays and Saturdays. The restaurant also will have indoor and outdoor seating for diners as they chow down on its salads, rice bowls, stuffed pitas and platters with chicken, steak and ground chickpeas.

The eatery will be the second Yafa Grille in D.C. A Yafa Grille is at 1205 19th St. NW, too.

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Thomas Circle

On the first Wednesday of every month, Advisory Neighborhood Committee 2F meets at the Washington Plaza Hotel on Thomas Circle.  The agenda for tonight’s meeting is posted on the ANC’s website. This reporter will be in attendance.

The ANC, which is comprised of the areas around Logan Circle and Scott Circle, makes up a large part of what became known as the original Borderstan — an area couched around two police districts whose residents came together to push for more police coordination in 2007.

As noted by the founders of the original Borderstan, ANC’s are a critical part of local governance in Washington D.C. We will continue to cover the work of different ANCs in our coverage area for the months to come.


Commissioners: John Fanning (Chair), Kate Gordon, Karin Berry, Pepin Tuma,, Jim Lamare, Charlie Bengal, Kevin Sylvester, Kevin Deeley.

Neighborhoods: Logan Circle, Scott Circle, parts of Mt. Vernon and McPherson Square areas.

D.C. Council Member: Jack Evans, Ward 2.

Meeting Location:  Varies. Check the ANC website for an agenda with location information.

Meeting Time: 7 p.m. on the first Wednesday night of every month.

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A low-flying helicopter over 14th Street NW. (Borderstan file photo)

For several months Borderstan residents have heard the buzz of low-flying helicopters on regular patrol in the neighborhood. One occasionally hears police choppers in the area, of course, especially when the DC Police are pursuing a criminal.

Two sources with the DC Police confirmed to Borderstan over the weekend that the police choppers have been part of a regular series of patrols. The reason? The “demonstrations downtown” related to Occupy DC, according to the police. The helicopters are on a flight pattern that often extends north — after all, it’s only a short walk to McPherson Square, site of the main Occupy DC site.

As one reader wrote to Borderstan:

“Have you guys noticed over the past few months that there seems to be a helicopter constantly circling the area? I’ve been seeing it — and hearing it — as early as 6 am and as late as midnight. It seems like it’s policing something. But I haven’t been able to find any info about it on the web. I’d like to know what’s going on because it often flies so low and close that it wakes up my baby and wife while they’re getting much-needed sleep.”

If you have lived in DC at the time of September 11, 2011, terrorist attacks, you quickly learn to differentiate the difference between police and military helicopters —  the military choppers are much larger and noisier. The first couple of years after 9-11, military choppers made regular patrols along 16th Street NW.

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By Michelle Lancaster. Got news, a hot tip or want to complain about what is or isn’t in this? Let her know on Twitter @michlancaster or via email at[email protected].

DC Taxicab Commission, DC taxis, Luis Gomez Photos

Should all DC taxis be the same color? Do we have bigger things to worry about? (One Photograph A Day)

Swift-ian Proposal for Color Coding DC

The DC City Council is considering a proposal that would end the multi-colored cabs in favor of a single color scheme. Why the change? Apparently, our out of town visitors get confused and the ‘taxi’ signs emblazoned on all the cabs is not quite enough for them.

Pretty ridiculous, right? Mike Causey thinks so, too and took to WTOP to discuss what else made sense using that logic. Color-coding neighborhoods, badges for MD-VA-DC drivers and jail jumpsuits for City Councilmembers as practice are just a few ‘ideas’ on his list. See more on the proposal in Alden Leonard’s SYMHM from Monday.

Pickles on U Street

U Street Girl has a fabulous post on a local business making pickles. Gordy’s Pickle Jar started in October and has already won second prize at the International Pickle Festival (which does exist). You can grab their pickles at Cork Market or Smucker’s Farm, or eat their fried pickle chips at the Science Club. They make the pickles in our neighborhood and sell them locally, and both live in the U Street area. Local pickled goodness? I’m dying to try them or the cocktails made with their brine at Peregrine!

Battle over Pronouncing McPherson, McLean, Etc.

Leave it to the nerds (and I mean that lovingly) over at WAMU to consult a Civil War historian to settle a question on a simple square in DC. That’s right, in their reporting on the Occupy protests at McPherson Square, the entire news room had a debate about whether it’s pronounced Mac-FEAR-son or MAC-fur-son. DCist doesn’t care for their decision — the fur version was deemed to be most correct. How do you pronounce it or do you just avoid the park and saying the name given the Occupiers?

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"Occupy DC 2012""Borderstan", McPherson Square

The Occupy DC Tent of Dreams on Monday evening, January 30, at McPherson Square. (Borderstan)

Occupy DC was still in place at McPherson Square Monday evening (and this morning) following the January 30 deadline to leave. For now it appears that the National Park Service (NPS) will allow the protesters to stay, but they will not be allowed to “camp” there — meaning they cannot sleep in their tents at night. There are regulations against camping in the park. It remains to be seen whether the group will be evicted from the park, which is the domain of the NPS, not the DC government.

WTOP has an update from this morning: “The protesters spent the night awake, in what one protester calls the “tent of dreams” draped over the statue of General McPherson. It’s what the protester tells WTOP’s Neal Augenstein is a final act of defiance.”

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Occupy DC, Luis Gomez Photos, McPherson Square

One of the signs at McPherson Square. (Luis Gomez Photos)

Unless you’ve tuned out all forms of communication you now know about the “Occupy Wall Street” protests and their various offshoots across the country. There are now hundreds of similar rolling protests in cities across the country. Their general theme is reform of the financial sector and help for the struggling U.S. economy. “We are the 99%” is the rallying cry — a reference to wealthiest 1% of Americans whom the protesters believe should pay more in taxes.

The local version is called “Occupy DC” and protesters are in two places — McPherson Square (just south of our neighborhood) and Freedom Plaza.

So, how do you feel about the protests here in DC? Will you join them?


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