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Ben's Chili Bowl, U Street NW, Paul Frederiksen, Flickr

What’s green at Ben’s Chili Bowl? (Photo: Paul Frederiksen, Borderstan reader pool on Flickr)

From Mike Kohn. Got a news tip for Mike? Send him an e-mail or catch him on Twitter @mike_kohn.

Buy a Painting, Help Japanese Earthquake Victims

If you have a chance to stop by go mama go! at 14th and S Streets NW, 10% of the sales from purchases of Mei Mei Chang’s works will  go to help victims of the tsunami in Japan. Chang will also be donating one painting to help go mama go! raise some money before it ultimately shuts its doors. The well-known shop will be closing for good at the end of the month and will be holding a 40% off sale in preparation.

The Greenest Half Smoke in Town

Give it up for Ben’s Chili Bowl for getting notice for its green practices. TBD tell us that our favorite half smoke eatery has received an award for environmental stewardship from the Greenlight Biofuels, according to their blog. Don’t believe us? There’s a video so you can hear it from Ben’s yourself, detailing all of their awesome practices. The Earth and Captain Planet are silently thanking them.



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