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"Borderstan""Hate Crimes"

Stop the Violence: The March 20 Silent March to protest and recognize anti-LGBT violence made its way from Columbia Heights to Dupont Circle. (Luis Gomez Photos)

By Michelle Lancaster. You can follow her and let her know your news on Twitter @MichLancaster. Email her at michellel[AT]

Metro Weekly did a quick tally of the hate crimes in our area in March and found that at least 15 actual or threatened assaults based on sexual orientation occurred during the month. This is particularly noteworthy, given the recently held march for victims of crimes based on a discrimination bias.

The list of crimes cited in the story is instructive: it ranges from a gay epithet at a carry out, to family fights over gender orientation, to assault following gender-related slurs and epithets. Is March registering a spike in crimes against gays?

Did the March 20 march against anti-LGBT violence make such crimes better known, or is the awareness-raising activity indirectly inciting a backlash? When it comes to basic rights to live, work, and eat out without being harassed, does it matter what the cause is?  Can we please finally have a section of the DC Police devoted to this issue?

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PETS-DC, Pride of Pets, Dupont Circle

The top 3 dogs in the Peoples Choice Best of Show category. From left: Harley, 2nd; Bella, 1st; and Lani, 3rd. (Ilga Semeiks.)

MetroWeekly has 155 photos from last Saturday’s annual Pride of Pets Dog Show in Dupont Circle. Borderstan published the list of winners on Sunday.

The dog show raised approximately $1,500 for PETS-DC, according to the group’s director, Chip Wells. Be sure to read MetroWeekly’s feature article on Well’s, too.

Owners-guardians-servants of 55 dogs paid a registration fee to enter their dogs in one or more of 15 categories. Pets-DC always accepts donations and you can get information at their website on how to make a donation. The nonprofit helps care for the companion animals of people with disabling illnesses.


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