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Khelan Bhatia, Borderstan

An outfit for the week: Khelan wears a plaid shirt by Steven Alan, a black cardigan from Club Monaco, Levi’s 511’s and sunglasses by Robert Marc.

From Khelan Bhatia. You can follow Khelan on Twitter @KhelanB. He lives in the U Street area and writes about style for Borderstan.

Happy Friday, Borderstanis. Did you enjoy the Oscars?

Yeah, neither did I. But some of the outfits were stunning, especially Michelle William’s dress and Colin Firth’s classic tux with a shawl collar. There were some tragedies as well (besides James Franco). Listen, Annette, I love you but this gown does you no favors. And Mr. Bale, you’re as handsome as your are talented, but what the what were you thinking?

Anyhoo. Enough about the Academy Awards.

So last week was DC Fashion Week. Believe it or not, I’ve never attended or participated in any fashion events in the District. That is until last week when I went to menswear runway show, which was held at The Washington Post (events were at several locations). And just like the title of today’s column states: A fashion show in Bryant Park it wasn’t…

… Then again, no one really expected it to be. Honestly, since it was my first time at a D.C. fashion show, I had no idea what to expect. I have to admit that there was an odd energy and charm to it. Almost, as if it were a renegade pop-up runway show. That just happened to take place at the Post.

The show featured eight menswear designers who are based in the mid-Atlantic area. Before, I offer my observations, I’d just like to say that I am incredibly impressed by anyone who follows their passion and puts forth their vision. With that said, there were varying degrees of quality among the designers who presented.

Top Rank

The show started off fairly strongly with a military inspired line of mostly outer-wear (but a few slacks and shirts intermingled in the show). Nothing here completely blew me away, as far as innovation goes, but the garments did appear to be very wearable and well-tailored. The stand out for me was a black double-breasted top with brass buttons (it’s the seventh image). That, or something similar will definitely have to find its way into my fall wardrobe.



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