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2016 holiday decorations at Miss Pixie's, 2016A 14th Street purveyor of knickknacks, furnishings, furniture and local art will transform into a holiday bazaar later this week.

Miss Pixie’s (1626 14th St. NW) is scheduled to host its 4th annual holiday market event this Friday, Dec. 2, at 5:30 p.m.

More than 20 D.C.-based vendors are expected to fill the boutique with handmade goods and other artisan wares. Local businesses slated to attend the event include Typecase Industries, Brand Dave and Handmade Habitat.

Additionally, the holiday party will feature live jazz music, a raffle and food from nearby eateries such as Ice Cream Jubilee and Maki Shop.

Photo via Facebook / Miss Pixie’s

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Miss Pixie’s Furnishings & Whatnot will reopen in early September. (Borderstan)

Miss Pixie’s Furnishings & Whatnoton the 1600 block of 14th Street NW is closed for some renovations — but will reopen soon, in early September. Workmen were busy over the weekend, working on one of the major parts of the renovation, the front windows.

Owner Pixie Windsor said in an August email, “While we are gone… We’ll be buying lots of goodies to unveil in September! Check the website for new merchandise and news on the big reopening date!”

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Whisked! around the neighborhood. (Ashley Lusk)

From Ashley Lusk. Check out her blog, Metropoetrylis. Find her on Twitter @arlusk or email her.

During the summer season, you’ll find Whisked! among the stalls of food purveyors at the 14th & U Farmers Market — but all year long you can get your pie, cookie, or cupcake fix at pick-up locations in Dupont Circle and Cleveland Park. This week Whisked! announced a new Pie CSA, as well as two additional pick-up locations for their delicious baked treats, including a third location in Borderstan.

In addition to a pick-up at Mr. Yogato at 1515 17th Street NW, you can now grab your Whisked! order at Miss Pixie’s Furnishings and Whatnot, 1626 14th Street NW, which now makes your trip to check out this vintage furniture shop so much sweeter.

The new Pie CSA delivers sweet or savory pies on a weekly or biweekly basis and you can choose to order 6-inch pies (supposedly serves two, but let’s be real, this is all for you) or the 9-inch version (serves 6 to 8 people). Each week you can choose whether to receive the sweet or savory option, and this week those include the Pink Lady Apple Whiskey Pie and the Asparagus and Goat Cheese Savory Tart. This week if you order the savory tart, Weygandt Wines is offering a special wine pairing – Gruner Veltliner – at $12 for Whisked! customers.

Placing an order is simple:

  1. Go to to place your order by midnight on Tuesday
  2. Choose one of four locations for your pick-up
  3. Swing by after 5 pm on Friday or during operating hours on Saturday to pick up your dinner or dessert from Whisked!

Your can also pick up Whisked! orders from Weygandt Wines at 3519 Connecticut Avenue NW in Cleveland Park, or The Cupboard in Capitol Hill at 1504 East Capitol Street NE.

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Borderstan: News from Dupont-Logan-U Street

The Prince of Petworth put the news out late last evening that Pixie Windsor has signed a new five-year lease for her store at 1626 14th Street NW, Miss Pixie’s Furnishings & Whatnot. We say oops here because Windsor had included the news in an email on store specials events for today.

The information was at the bottom of the December 13 email in huge type (which we also missed by not reading until the end). But the good news was forwarded to PoP by a more attentive reader.

Whether Windsor would stay on 14th Street NW or move out of the neighborhood had been in question.

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Everything for your Christmas/Holiday Tree (plus Hanukkah candles and Menorahs) can be purchased in the neighborhood: Housewares on 17th Street, Logan Hardware, Tabletop, Miss Pixie’s Furnishings  & Whatnot, PULP, Home Rule and Reincarnations.

From Matty Rhoades. Email him at [email protected].

Got your Christmas tree? Getting it this weekend? Maybe it’s your first tree away-from-home and on-your-own? Whether this is your first tree or you’re looking for new ornaments and glitz this year, you’ve got a number of local shopping options — all of them locally owned businesses. You can buy your tree, locally, too, and have it delivered: Here are your options.

You don’t need to board a bus, navigate Metro or get in the car. You can buy everything you need for your Christmas Tree (Holiday Tree, if you prefer) in the neighborhood — from the tree stand to ornaments and lights to the star on top.

For Hanukkah: Logan Hardware has “Festival of Lights spirit to spare.” They carry Menorah candles ($8.99 to $11.99) and Draydels filled with candy and gum ($2.99). Housewares on 17th also has candles and three different Hanukkah Menorahs ($17.99 to $29.99). You can get Hanukkah cards at PULP. FYI, Hanukkah begins December 20 this year.

The Basics

For the basic necessities of decorating and caring for your tree, you have two local options:

Tree Stand and Disposal Bag. You need a tree stand for the tree. Logan’s tree stands run from $19.99 to $119.99. Over at Housewares on 17th, there are three models from $13.99 to $24.99. (OLD CITY green carries tree stands, too.) While you’re at it, pick up one of those tree disposal bags for a few bucks — you put your tree in it come January and haul it out to the curb ($2.29 at Logan). Buy one: It will keep dried needles from falling all over your floor when you take out the tree. You will thank me for this.

Lights. Options! Multi-colored or clear? Blue or red, perhaps? Large or small? LED rope lighting is an option for the truly energy-efficient. At Logan, they have LED, icicle and traditional string lights in white and multicolored ($2.99 to $39.99). At Housewares on 17th, there is a plethora of lighting options right by the counter, including blue and red strands. Examples: a string of 100 clear lights will set you back $5.49 while a strand of 25 of the large old-fashioned sized bulbs goes for $10.99.

Basic Ornaments and Add-Ons. You want to go basic and not spend a lot of money on ornaments? For example, a box of six colored ball ornaments at Housewares will cost you $7.49. Logan also carries tool-shaped ornaments for a fun touch ($4 to $8.99). Both hardware stores also carry the add-ons: ribbons, garland, icicles, and even spray-on snow ($8.99 at Logan).

Ornaments: Fun and Glitz Time

Now for the really fun part of decorating your tree — unusual, creative, fun ornaments… the kind you collect or give as holiday gifts. You’ve got five great options in the Dupont-Logan area — one right off Connecticut Avenue and four on 14th Street.

Home Rule, 1807 14th Street NW. Home Rule carries a wide variety of fun ornaments, but the store says they are selling out very fast: “We carry plain white lights on green cords, garland (two styles this year), mini ornaments, full-sized ornaments, ornament hooks, 3-foot faux trees. Ornament prices range anywhere from 75 cents to $34.99.” Check out photos of their ornaments and holiday offerings on the Home Rule Facebook Page.

Miss Pixie’s Furnishings & Whatnot, 1626 14th Street NW: Miss Pixie carries a beautiful selection of vintage ornamentsfor the tree: “We have lots of ornaments. Most are vintage dating back to as early as 1920 — most are from the ’40s and ’50s — and some are new. Most are $5 each, a handful are $8 and some are $1. We also have garland, trees and little houses for under the tree and maybe a handful of nutcrackers left at $5 to $22.” Check out some of the photos on Pixie’s Facebook Page.

PULP, 1803 14th Street NW. PULP is carrying round, flat porcelain ornaments with the DC flag logo design on them ($14.95); mini glass charms for little trees (Cracker Jack, Monopoly iconic images, he Keep Calm and Carry on designs ($4.95 each); tiny mustache charms that work on tiny trees, and zipper pulls and backpacks ($3.75). PULP also has round, glittered, blown glass ornaments with geometric shapes on them ($39.95). In addition they have rainbow ornaments, and rainbow mirror ball ornaments. Check out photos of their ornaments and holiday offerings on the PULP Facebook Page.

Reincarnations, 1401 14th Street NW. Reincarnations owners say they “try to get unusual and different ornaments each year.” This year they have Rockette reindeer ($15 and $45), space/rocket Santa ornaments which are glass and very retro, selling from $10-$15 each; the snowman collection consisting of a cloth ‘shopping snowman/woman at $25 each, a lava snowman lamp at $79; snowman ornaments at $10 to $15 each; and various Santa glass ornaments at $20. We also have a cupcake ornament collection at $5 each. “We also have the over the top 6-foot feather Christmas tree in pink, blue, green, white and gray at $259 each.” Check out photos of their ornaments on the Reincarnations Facebook Page.

Tabletop, 1608 20th Street NW. Just off Connecticut Avenue, Tabletop carries a selection of Jonathan Adler ornaments that range from $24 (white ceramic) to $28 (multi-color decal) for the singles… and a set of two Mr+Mrs Muse ornaments go for $48. Check out photos on Tabletop’s Facebook Page.

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Miss Pixies Furnishings & Whatnot, Logan Circle stores, Luis Gomez Photos

Miss Pixie’s Furnishings and Whatnot at 1626 14th Street NW. Yes, her pink Christmas Tree is up, too. (Luis Gomez Photos)

From Mike Kohn. Got some news for Mike? Find him on Twitter @mike_kohn or drop him a line at [email protected].

Rest in Peace“Black Cat Bill” Very Much Alive

November 30 Update and Correction: “Black Cat Bill” is very much alive. The Washington City Paper‘s Ryan Little even paid a visit to William “Willy” Turner. Our original story is below. We regret that our information was incorrect — apologies all around, including to Mr. Turner. – The editors

We Love DC shared the sad news that Black Cat Bill had passed away a few days ago. They said it best, Bill, “the unofficial doorman for the Black Cat on 14th Street NW… was is an institution… for years and years, panhandling in front of the rock club, his signature call of ‘Black Cat, Black Cat, how bout a little change for the homeless,’ is familiar to anyone who ever caught a show at the Cat.”

Walking in Winter Wonderland

The first sign of the impending winter holidays (which looks a lot closer on this side of Thanksgiving) is here! The National Christmas Tree is up, according to the National Park Service. This year’s tree replaces a previous Colorado blue spruce that was replanted on the Ellipse after the previous tree was damaged by a wind storm in February of this year. The lighting of the tree will take place on December 1 from 5 to 6 pm, and the Pathway, featuring trees to represent US states and territories, will run from December 6 to 23, daily from 11 am to 11 pm.

Guardian (Shopping) Angels

This year, the Guardian Angels were out in force, protecting citizens during the craziness that is Black Friday, according to Washington City Paper. Not only did they hand out safety tips, but they also escorted patrons from stores to cars and public transportation and identifying criminals in action, sometimes making citizens’ arrests! We’ll all look forward to seeing the stats from this year’s holiday season. An early thank you to anyone who participated!

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"Borderstan""14th Street NW"

AYT Auto Service at 1630 14th Street NW is leaving at the end of 2011. The company has five other locations. The company’s Institute is also leaving, likely for Northeast DC. Next door to the south is Miss Pixie’s Furnishings and Whatnot. (Luis Gomez Photos)

The general manager for AYT’s six auto repair shops confirmed Friday that the company will close its location at 1630 14th Street NW on December 31. In addition, the AYT Training Institute, which trains mechanics and technicians, will move to a new location, according to Jim Harris, who managers the company’s six shops.

“We are still looking for a new location. The institute should be moving to Northeast DC, but that is not locked in,” said Harris. He said the company had tired to find a new space in the general vicinity in Northwest DC to replace the Auto Service Center closing on 14th Street, but was unsuccessful.

Adjacent to the AYT location is the future site of The Aston, a 31-unit condo building that will have first-floor retail; the lot at the southwest corner of 14th and R Streets was once a parking lot for both AYT and Zipcar.

What’s in store for the two-story building that also encompasses Miss Pixie’s Furnishings & Whatnot? Pixie Windsor said in August that she was searching for a new lease after her current one runs out at the end of March 2012. and The space above Windsor’s store was formerly home to Mid City Caffe, wwhich closed in October. Mimilah Modern Vintage opened last weekend in the former Caffe space “for a few months.”

Will the building be renovated? Could the current owners add additional floors to it, or would a tear-down be another scenario?

AYT’s closing is part of a trend on the 14th Street corridor that has accelerated this year as general retail and service stores depart — often with restaurants and upscale furnishing stores replacing them.

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From Michelle Lancaster. Follow her and tell her your news on Twitter @MichLancaster or email her at [email protected].

Miss Pixie’s Furnishings and Whatnot gets a neighbor at 1626 14th Street NW. Mimilah will be above Miss Pixie’s, starting this Saturday — for a few months, at least, according to their website.

“Mimilah is a collection of vintage and modern clothes, shoes and accessories for folks (gals & guys) who want to add a few “hey, where’d ya get that” pieces to their everyday uniform and folks who have fully embraced a year-gone-by esthetic who are looking to build their wardrobe.” (Mimilah)

The Washington Post (and tip from Prince of Petworth) outlines this Saturday’s opening followed by their grand opening on Thursday, November 17 that will include “sips, snacks and shopping,” all of which sound delightful.

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From Jana Petersen… check out her post on local galleries today. Miss Pixie’s Furnishings and Whatnot will be hosting an opening reception for artist Juliet Ross today, May 13 from 7 to 9 pm. (This exhibit appropriately falls within “whatnot.”) Ross’ artwork spans photography and paintings, and encapsulates subjects ranging from cats, dogs and humans to buildings. For a taste of diverse art within a highly unique atmosphere (have you ever browsed an exhibit amidst sofas, table sets and other antiques?), head to Miss Pixie’s this Friday. Light refreshments will also be served. Location: 1626 14th Street NW, between Corcoran and R Streets.


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