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Borderstanians: Rob Halligan has organized a meeting for area residents to discuss the rooftop burglaries in the Dupont Circle neighborhood with a police representative.

  • Who: Concerned and knowledgeable neighbors and MPD.
  • What: Rooftop Burglary Meeting.
  • Where: 1719 Swann Street NW.
  • When: Monday, Feb. 23, from 7 to 8 p.m.
  • More Information: Email Rob Halligan or call him at (202) 319- 1313).


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The following announcement was made by MPD Chief of Police Cathy L. Lanier:

It is with great pleasure and appreciation that I announce the formal promotions of Acting Commander Matthew Klein to Commander of the Second District, Acting Commander Rodney Parks to Commander, and Acting Assistant Chief Michael Anzallo to Assistant Chief.


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For the Borderstan area of Dupont-Logan, the number of violent crimes over the past three years has been almost exactly the same: 38 in 2006, 39 in 2007 and 39 in 2008. However, the number of property crimes was up slightly in 2008 by 6% after dropping substantially by 26% in 2007. Total crime in Borderstan rose 5% in 2008 (due the increase in property crimes) after falling 23% in 2007.

What are Borderstan crimes? They are crimes that occur within 1,000 feet (circular pattern) of 15th and Corcoran Streets NW (center of Borderstan)West Borderstan (west of 15th NW) is part of PSA 208 while East Borderstan (east of 15th NW) is part of PSA 307. Borderstan borders are P to S Streets and 14th to 16th Streets NW.

Highlights and a table with detailed numbers follow.


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For Police Service Area (PSA) 307, violent crime decreased 17% in 2008. However, total crime decreased only 1%, due to a 2% increase in property crimes; the rise in property crimes was in thefts from autos and stolen autos.

Generally, PSA 307 encompasses the Logan Circle neighborhood and parts of Shaw. East Borderstan is part of PSA 307 (from 14th to 15th and P to S Streets NW). West Borderstan (15th to 16th Streets) is part of PSA 208.

Highlights and a table with detailed numbers follow.


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For Police Service Area (PSA) 208, fourth-quarter violent crime is down 10% in 2008 after spiking 22% in 2007. What is striking is the dramatic increase in property crimes in 2008 over the previous two years: burglaries, thefts and thefts from autos.  The increases in fouth-quarter property crime have caused the total crime rate for the quarter to climb in both 2007 and 2008.


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For Borderstan, fourth-quarter violent crime (October through December) is down 40% in 2008 while property crimes increased 24% in 2008 from 2007 in the same period. The big fourth-quarter increases are in thefts from autos and stolen autos. Overall, the fourth-quarter crime rate for Borderstan rose 13% in 2008 from the fourth quarter of 2007. However, the overall rate is still 15% below that of 2006.


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Borderstanians: I received this email from the MPD today about a robbery that occured Friday evening on the 1700-block of Corcoran Street NW:

December 26-The Second Police District is currently investigating a Robbery with Knife that occurred earlier this evening at 7:20 pm. The location of the incident is 1700 block of Corcoran Street NW. The suspect is described as a white male, 6’0″, 200 lbs, 25-30 years of age, wearing all dark clothing. The suspect was last seen on foot in the 1700 block of Corcoran Street NW. – Lt. Michelle E. Milam

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Borderstanians: Following is detailed info on the five robberies that occurred in neighborhoods around Rock Creek Park on Monday evening. This information is from Acting Commander Matt Klein of the MPD Second District. None of the holdups were in Dupont Circle or Logan Circle; all were west or northwest of us.


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The table, below, has crime stats for Police Service Area (PSA) 208 for the first half of December (1st through 16th) for 2006, 2007 and 2008. Generally, PSA 208 encompasses the Dupont Circle and Kalorama neighborhoods.

Violent crime is down. What is striking is the dramatic increase in property crimes in 2008 over the previous two years: burglaries, thefts and thefts from autos. The rate is almost double 2007.


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MPD crime statistics.)

PSA 208 crime statistics for November 2006, 2007, 2008. Click on map for detailed information. (Source: MPD crime statistics.)

The table, below, has crime stats for Police Service Area (PSA) 208 for the past three Novembers. The map at right shows where in PSA 208 crimes occured in November 2008. Generally, PSA 208 encompasses the Dupont Circle and Kalorama neighborhoods. (more…)

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Luis Gomez Photos.)

The fountain at Dupont Circle. (Image: Luis Gomez Photos.)

Borderstanians: In addition to the two gun robberies on Thanksgiving Eve in Borderstan, there have been a number of violent street crimes in the past two weeks, some involving guns, just west of Borderstan. The crimes have been concentrated north of Dupont Circle between 17th and 20th Streets and R and T Streets NW.
The following information about these crimes is from MPD Lt. Erich Miller, PSA 208.

Incident 1: Robbery with a Gun, 1900-block of S Street NW

  • Date, Time & Location: Thursday, November 27, at 1:30 a.m., on the 1900-block of S Street NW.
  • Details: Complainant reports he was walking in the block when the suspect approached him from the rear, pointed a silver colored gun at him and demanded his property.  Suspect fled on foot. Police believe there may be a connection between this crime and the street robbery that occured about 75 minutes earlier at 1617 15th Street in Borderstan.
  • Lookout: Lookout for a black male, 19 years of age, 6’0″, medium complexion, wearing a blue-white skull cap, dark coat, carrying a silver gun.

Incident 2: Assault with Intent to Rob, 1800-block of R Street NW

  • Date, Time & Location: Saturday, November 22, at 11 p.m., on the 1800-block of R Street NW.
  • Details: Complainant reports he was walking in the block when he was approached by two suspects and was punched. The suspects fled on foot, eastbound on R Street.
  • Lookout: Lookout is for two black males, 15- to 17-years old, 5’11”, 165 to 170 pounds wearing black coats.

Incident 3: Robbery Force & Violence, 1800-block of T Street NW

  • Date, Time & Location: Saturday, November 22, at 10:40 p.m., at 1800-block of T Street NW.
  • Details: Case closed with arrest of three suspects. The complainant reports he was walking in the block and was approached from behind by three suspects. All three suspects knocked the complainant to the ground and started punching him. The suspects fled on foot and were apprehended by Officer Mike Smith, PSA 208. The complainant was treated at George Washington Hospital for his injuries.
  • Three Arrested: Arrested were one adult and two juveniles. The adult is identified as Joshua Fortson, Black Male, DOB: 7/24/89. His address of record is 1119 Stevens Road SE. The two juveniles arrested are 15- and 17-years old and live in the vicinity of the arrested adult suspect; their names cannot be released because they are juveniles.

Incident 4: Robbery Force & Violence, 1700-block of Swann Street NW

  • Date, Time & Location: Tuesday, November 11, at 6 p.m., 1700-block of Swann Street NW.
  • Details: Complainant reports while walking in the block a group of six males jumped him from behind and began punching him. The complainant sustained a laceration to his forehead and was treated at George Washington University Hospital.
  • Lookout: A general lookout was provided for six black males in their late teens to early ’20s. 

Incident 5: Assault with Intent to Rob, 18th & New Hampshire NW

  • Date, Time & Location: Monday, November 10, at 12:10 a.m., at 18th Street and New Hampshire Avenue NW.
  • Details: Female complainant reports she was walking in the block when two suspects approached her from behind and pushed her to the ground. The suspects attempted to grab the complainant’s bag, but fled before taking possession of it. The suspects fled on foot northbound on 18th Street.
  • Lookout: Lookout is for two black males, 15- to 16-years old, 5’7″ to 5’8″, 140 pounds, wearing blue jeans and dark coats.

Arrest Made in Theft from Auto

PSA 208 officers made an arrest in a Theft from Auto case on November 27 in the 1600-block of O Street NW.  The suspect is identified as Reginald Teneyck, 52-years old, no fixed address.

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Borderstanians: The following selected crimes occured from late October to late November in Police Service Area (PSA) 208. West Borderstan is part of PSA 208. Report is from the MPD Second District listserv on Yahoo! Groups.

  • Theft occurred in the 1000-block of Connecticut Avenue NW on 11/21/2008, 1125 a.m. Citizen reports the suspect, a black male wearing gray sweatpants, was observed on camera concealing women’s clothing and fled the store.
  • Theft occurred in the 1500 block of M Street NW between 11/20/2008 (5:30 p.m.) and 11/21/2008 (9 a.m.). Citizen reports the office was entered between the listed dates and times and two computers were stolen.
  • Theft occurred in the 1600-block of L Street NW on 11/20/2008 (8:40 a.m.) to 11/21/2008 (6:24 a.m.). Citizen reports that four computers were stolen from the office in an unknown manner.
  • Theft occurred in the 1500-block of Connecticut Avenue NW on 11/21/2008 between 4:30 and 5:08 p.m. Citizen reports the listed property was stolen while he was inside the restaurant.
  • Theft from auto occurred in the 1700-block of M Street NW on 11/27/2008 between 9:20 a.m. and 12 midnight. Citizen reports the vehicle, a ’95 Mercedes C220 bearing Viginia tags was entered through the unlocked rear door and a laptop computer and assorted makeup was stolen.
  • Theft from auto occurred in the 1200-block of 20th Street NW on 11/21/2008 between 6 p.m. and 8:30 p.m. Citizen reports the vehicle, a 2004 Jeep SUV bearing Virginia tags was entered by smashing the driver’s rear window and a backpack containing personal papers was stolen.
  • Arson occurred in the 2100 block of Connecticut Avenue NW on 10/28/2008 at 11:30 p.m. Citizen reports a small fire was set to the front door of the residence by unknown suspect.

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Jack Jacobson (standing) moderated the November 13 Borderstan Neighbors public safety meeting at the Fifteenth Street Presbyterian Church. (Photo: Luis Gomez.)

Borderstanians: The following recap of the November 13 Borderstan Neighbors public safety meeting was written by Jack Jacobson who moderated the meeting. He is the commissioner for ANC 2B-04, which represents a large chunk of West Borderstan. Jacobson assists Borderstan Neighbors, working with residents, police and city officials. – Matt

On Thursday, November 13, about 35 residents and community leaders gathered at the Fifteenth Street Presbyterian Church to follow up on an August 6 meeting about ongoing and growing crime in the Borderstan neighborhood. Ward 2 Council member Jack Evans participated in the meeting as well (Borderstan Neighbors thank his staff for helping plan the meeting.)

Four Goals

The meeting was called to note progress on four main issues that the community requested at the August 6 meeting:

  1. Commitment from MPD for coordinated, regular, permanent Borderstan patrols on both the Police Service Area (PSA) 307 (East Borderstan) and PSA 208  (West Borderstan) sides of the border.
  2. Stepped up drug enforcement efforts in the entire Borderstan area, to include vice operations and plainclothes officers on an ongoing basis.
  3. To hold owners and management of the buildings on the 1400 block of R Street accountable for enforcement of laws and rules of Section 8 housing.
  4. Increased and institutionalized communication and coordination of initiatives between PSA 208 and 307.

Progress Review

It was obvious that there is still much work to be done by MPD and city officials to bring down crime in the neighborhood, and the community needs to continue to apply pressure to ensure that our repeated requests for action are answered.

Patrols. PSA 208 has kept routine patrols in the area, and has in face increased police presence in the Borderstan neighborhood. There are now four officers from PSA 208 assigned either full- or part-time to Borderstan. On the PSA 307 side, the Third District had assigned no permanent full or part time officers to Borderstan, though we were assured that several officers do patrol the neighborhood, none are dedicated to Borderstan.

Special Units. There have been several vice and crime suppression unit operations in Borderstan by both PSAs 208 and 307. They have achieved some degree of success, and we encouraged them to continue and for MPD to relay successes to us.

1400 R Street. The buildings on the 1400-block of R Street NW continue to be a source of crime in the area. The city has taken no action, and there seems to be no desire to address the problem forcefully, either on the part of city leadership or MPD. As one way to begin dealing with the problem, ANC Commissioner Jack Jacobson requested that MPD send information to Borderstan when criminals who live on the 1400-block of R Street NW are sentenced, so that residents could submit Victim Impact Statements to judges hearing those cases. This is one way to attack crime that the community can be involved with, and more information about that will be forthcoming on

Communication. Both the Second and Third District leadership at MPD admitted that they have not institutionalized communications between PSAs 208 and 307. Inspector Klein from the Secondd District gave his word that he would work to make these communications more routine and effective.

Moving Forward. There is obviously much work to be done, and as a community, we need to keep pressure on MPD and our elected officials to attack crime in our neighborhood and to forge better community partnerships and communications between the PSAs and community members.

Action Item: Residents Can Testify on D.C. Crime Bill

Councilmember Jack Evans invited Borderstan representatives to testify at a December 5 roundtable on the Omnibus Crime Bill ( “Omnibus Anti-Crime Amendment Act of 2008”, Bill 17-951). The roundtable will be at 12:00 pm in the 5th Floor Council Chambers; participants can contact Heidi Tseu at 202-724-8038 or at [email protected] to request to testify. If you are unable to attend but would like to submit testimony, please email testimony to Tseu and to [email protected] so we can ensure that she receives it.

Future Meetings

Borderstan Neighbors public safety meetings will need to continue in order to achieve success in our neighborhood. Borderstan is committed to holding our politicians and our police force accountable and will continue to press for positive action to bring down crime. Please check back for additional updates.

Holiday Season: Be Extra Careful

In the meantime, the holiday season always brings an upsurge in crime. Please be wary of holiday scams, and make sure you keep your home and car secure at all times. And most of all, help your neighbor by reporting suspicious activities and crimes in the neighborhood. It’s better to be safe then sorry.


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