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Borderstanians: I picked up this piece Wednesday from the MPD 3rd District listerv on Yahoo! Groups. It was written by MPD Inspector Edward Delgado and is a warning to Columbia Heights residents about tactics used by criminals to trick you into getting into your home. I have NOT heard of these types of crimes happening in our area–but Inspector Delgado provides us with a good reminder.


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For the Borderstan area of Dupont-Logan, the number of violent crimes over the past three years has been almost exactly the same: 38 in 2006, 39 in 2007 and 39 in 2008. However, the number of property crimes was up slightly in 2008 by 6% after dropping substantially by 26% in 2007. Total crime in Borderstan rose 5% in 2008 (due the increase in property crimes) after falling 23% in 2007.

What are Borderstan crimes? They are crimes that occur within 1,000 feet (circular pattern) of 15th and Corcoran Streets NW (center of Borderstan)West Borderstan (west of 15th NW) is part of PSA 208 while East Borderstan (east of 15th NW) is part of PSA 307. Borderstan borders are P to S Streets and 14th to 16th Streets NW.

Highlights and a table with detailed numbers follow.


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For Police Service Area (PSA) 307, violent crime decreased 17% in 2008. However, total crime decreased only 1%, due to a 2% increase in property crimes; the rise in property crimes was in thefts from autos and stolen autos.

Generally, PSA 307 encompasses the Logan Circle neighborhood and parts of Shaw. East Borderstan is part of PSA 307 (from 14th to 15th and P to S Streets NW). West Borderstan (15th to 16th Streets) is part of PSA 208.

Highlights and a table with detailed numbers follow.


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Received this alert from the MPD. There was a robbery just after midnight last night (Tuesday morning, technically). The crime occured on the 1300-block of Corcoran Street NW and the suspects left the scene by car.


You can sign up for DC Alerts online and receive messages by e-mail account [work, home, other], cell phone, pager, BlackBerry or wireless PDA.

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A reminder that the monthly Police Service Area (PSA) 307 Community Meeting is this Wednesday. Remember that East Borderstan (east of 15th Street NW) is part of PSA 307. PSA 307’s boundaries are from 9th Street to 15th Street NW and from L Street to S Street NW (see PDF map).

  • What: PSA 307 Community Meeting.
  • When: Wednesday January 7, 2009, from 7 to 9 p.m. PSA 307 meets every month on the first Wednesday.
  • Where: Washington Plaza Hotel at 10 Thomas Circle NW.
  • Notes: Come and meet Metropolitan Police Department (MPD) officers and other members of your community at the regularly scheduled monthly meeting of Police Service Area (PSA) 307. Neighborhood crime problems are identified and solutions discussed at PSA meetings.

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For Borderstan, fourth-quarter violent crime (October through December) is down 40% in 2008 while property crimes increased 24% in 2008 from 2007 in the same period. The big fourth-quarter increases are in thefts from autos and stolen autos. Overall, the fourth-quarter crime rate for Borderstan rose 13% in 2008 from the fourth quarter of 2007. However, the overall rate is still 15% below that of 2006.


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The table, below, has crime stats for Police Service Area (PSA) 307 for the the first half of December (1st through 16th) for 2006, 2007 and 2008. Generally, PSA 307 encompasses the Logan Circle neighborhood and parts of Shaw.

In terms of overall numbers, crime for the first half of December in PSA 307 has dropped in each of the past two years. There were three violent crimes in 2008 compared to seven in 2007 and 15 in 2006. Regarding property crimes, there were 28 in 2008 compared to 41 in 2007 and 54 in 2006. 


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Borderstanians: This information is from the Third District of the MPD. There is a $25,000 reward in the murder of Durval Martins; he was killed early Tuesday morning at 11th and Q NW:

” The Department currently offers a reward of up to $25,000 to anyone who provides information that leads to the arrest and conviction of the person or persons responsible for any homicide committed in the District of Columbia. Your assistance is appreciated by your community.”

Police are encouraging residents to print and distribute this MPD flyer on the case (PDF) from the Gay and Lesbian Liaison Unit . Full information from the MPD follows.

On Tuesday, December 16, 2008, around 3:06 am, Durval Martins was shot and killed while at the intersection of 11th and Q Streets, NW. The Metropolitan Police Department seeks the public’s assistance in gathering information regarding this incident. The case is under investigation by members of the Department’s Criminal Investigations Division, Homicide Branch. Anyone with information about this case is asked to call: (more…)

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Got this DC Police Alert yesterday evening. There was another gun robbery on 15th Street NW, near Meridan Hill Park. Very close to a similar robbery last Saturday evening at 15th and V NW at 7 p.m. This robbery–two guys with guns–occured at 7:20 p.m. on 15th between Belmont and Chapin Streets NW in Police Service Area (PSA) 304.

Robbery (Gun) @ 1920hrs 2325 15th St. NW. LOF: (2) B/M, S-1 mid 20s, S-2 early 30s, both wearing all black clothing, winter coats w/hoods and armed with guns. DO NOT TAKE ACTION CALL 911 W/EVENT#

You can sign up online for DC Police Alerts.

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If you have been following the story of the Columbia Heights teenager suspected of being a serial robber–but turned loose twice by the court system following his arrest–this WaPo story will make you feel a bit better:

A teenager being sought by D.C. police in a string of robberies in the Columbia Heights area turned himself in yesterday, ending a two-day search in a case that generated a police-led e-mail campaign and much community attention. Police said they have charged Michael Richardson, who recently turned 18, as an adult in a robbery on the grounds of Cardozo High School. A similar charge was filed last week, but the case was dropped by prosecutors, who said evidence was lacking. Richardson was released after that charge was dropped, in what D.C. officials called a mix-up. More: Read entire WaPo story.

This case is a good example of the power of citizens working with police to bring attention to a public safety problem. D.C. Police Inspector Edward Delgado, commander of the Third District Substation in Columbia Heights, played an important role in Richardson’s arrest and detainment. Through an email campaign, Delgado asked residents to contact the D.C. attorney general’s office and D.C. U.S. Attorney’s Office, demanding that Richardson be re-arrested and detained. The result was a floof emails by residents to authorities.

Richardson was then arrested on Friday, November 21–but released because of a paperwork glitch. Police believe he may have committed two more crimes between November 21 and 26 when he was arrested once again.

You have to wonder: How often do papework glitches in the court system result in suspects being released back into Bordersan?

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The Third Police District. PSA 307 is in the bottom left-hand corner. (Image: MPD Web site.)

The monthly community meeting of Police Service Area (PSA) 307 is this Wednesday, December 3. The meeting is at the Washington Plaza Hotel, 10 Thomas Circle, at 7 p.m.

If you live in East Borderstan (east of 15th Street NW), you are in PSA 307, which runs from 11th Street to 15th Street and L Street to S Street NW.

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Jack Jacobson (standing) moderated the November 13 Borderstan Neighbors public safety meeting at the Fifteenth Street Presbyterian Church. (Photo: Luis Gomez.)

Borderstanians: The following recap of the November 13 Borderstan Neighbors public safety meeting was written by Jack Jacobson who moderated the meeting. He is the commissioner for ANC 2B-04, which represents a large chunk of West Borderstan. Jacobson assists Borderstan Neighbors, working with residents, police and city officials. – Matt

On Thursday, November 13, about 35 residents and community leaders gathered at the Fifteenth Street Presbyterian Church to follow up on an August 6 meeting about ongoing and growing crime in the Borderstan neighborhood. Ward 2 Council member Jack Evans participated in the meeting as well (Borderstan Neighbors thank his staff for helping plan the meeting.)

Four Goals

The meeting was called to note progress on four main issues that the community requested at the August 6 meeting:

  1. Commitment from MPD for coordinated, regular, permanent Borderstan patrols on both the Police Service Area (PSA) 307 (East Borderstan) and PSA 208  (West Borderstan) sides of the border.
  2. Stepped up drug enforcement efforts in the entire Borderstan area, to include vice operations and plainclothes officers on an ongoing basis.
  3. To hold owners and management of the buildings on the 1400 block of R Street accountable for enforcement of laws and rules of Section 8 housing.
  4. Increased and institutionalized communication and coordination of initiatives between PSA 208 and 307.

Progress Review

It was obvious that there is still much work to be done by MPD and city officials to bring down crime in the neighborhood, and the community needs to continue to apply pressure to ensure that our repeated requests for action are answered.

Patrols. PSA 208 has kept routine patrols in the area, and has in face increased police presence in the Borderstan neighborhood. There are now four officers from PSA 208 assigned either full- or part-time to Borderstan. On the PSA 307 side, the Third District had assigned no permanent full or part time officers to Borderstan, though we were assured that several officers do patrol the neighborhood, none are dedicated to Borderstan.

Special Units. There have been several vice and crime suppression unit operations in Borderstan by both PSAs 208 and 307. They have achieved some degree of success, and we encouraged them to continue and for MPD to relay successes to us.

1400 R Street. The buildings on the 1400-block of R Street NW continue to be a source of crime in the area. The city has taken no action, and there seems to be no desire to address the problem forcefully, either on the part of city leadership or MPD. As one way to begin dealing with the problem, ANC Commissioner Jack Jacobson requested that MPD send information to Borderstan when criminals who live on the 1400-block of R Street NW are sentenced, so that residents could submit Victim Impact Statements to judges hearing those cases. This is one way to attack crime that the community can be involved with, and more information about that will be forthcoming on Borderstan.com.

Communication. Both the Second and Third District leadership at MPD admitted that they have not institutionalized communications between PSAs 208 and 307. Inspector Klein from the Secondd District gave his word that he would work to make these communications more routine and effective.

Moving Forward. There is obviously much work to be done, and as a community, we need to keep pressure on MPD and our elected officials to attack crime in our neighborhood and to forge better community partnerships and communications between the PSAs and community members.

Action Item: Residents Can Testify on D.C. Crime Bill

Councilmember Jack Evans invited Borderstan representatives to testify at a December 5 roundtable on the Omnibus Crime Bill ( “Omnibus Anti-Crime Amendment Act of 2008”, Bill 17-951). The roundtable will be at 12:00 pm in the 5th Floor Council Chambers; participants can contact Heidi Tseu at 202-724-8038 or at [email protected] to request to testify. If you are unable to attend but would like to submit testimony, please email testimony to Tseu and to [email protected] so we can ensure that she receives it.

Future Meetings

Borderstan Neighbors public safety meetings will need to continue in order to achieve success in our neighborhood. Borderstan is committed to holding our politicians and our police force accountable and will continue to press for positive action to bring down crime. Please check back for additional updates.

Holiday Season: Be Extra Careful

In the meantime, the holiday season always brings an upsurge in crime. Please be wary of holiday scams, and make sure you keep your home and car secure at all times. And most of all, help your neighbor by reporting suspicious activities and crimes in the neighborhood. It’s better to be safe then sorry.

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An AK-47, an automatic asault rifle. (Image from Wikipedia.)

An AK-47, an automatic asault rifle. (Image from Wikipedia.)

Borderstanians, I received this information from MPD Officers Roland Hoyle and Mike Smith, PSA 208. There have been six robberies in MPDs Second and Third Police Districts since October 16 in which the robbers have used either a shotgun or AK-47.

This was the first I had heard about these particular crimes. Have you heard anything?


Here is more information from the police:

  • Description of Crimes: Since October 16, 2008, six (6) robberies involved a long gun (shotgun or AK-47) have occurred in the Second and Third districts. These robberies have occurred on weekdays only between 2325h – 0250h. The first two occurred approximately 24-hours apart on October 16-17, 2008. The next three (3) robberies occurred only hours apart on October 29-30, 2008.  The most recent robbery occurred just after midnight on Monday, November 3rd.
  • Description of Suspects: The suspects are described as two black males in their late teens or early 20’s, both standing approximately 6’0” and weighing 180-200 pounds. They have been consistently described as wearing dark clothing and, at times, black skull caps.
  • Victimology: These robberies have been committed against both lone victims and groups of two or more victims.
  • Times of Occurence: These robberies tend to occur during weekdays just before or after midnight. Furthermore, at times these robberies occur in quick succession.

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