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Cash Mob at OLD CITY green, Saturday, March 24. Owner Frank Asher is pictured at top left. (Luis Gomez Photos)

OLD City green at 9th and N Streets NW was Think Local First DC‘s (TLFDC) beneficiary of National Cash Mob Day, occurring on Saturday, March 24. The organization announced last week that it would pick a TLF DC member and announce the beneficiary on Saturday morning.

Borderstan reported last week that OLD City green will be open for another season at its current location.

What’s a cash mob, you ask? It’s sort of like a flash mob, but participants spend rather than dance. Cash mobs are organized through social media and bring groups of people together to stimulate local businesses, which have been undercut by deal sites like Groupon and Living Social.

TLFDC’s board nominated member-businesses based on their contributions to the community, among other factors, according to Executive Director Stacey Price. “The business also had to have affordable merchandise, in the $20 price range, and offer something for both men and women,” said Price.

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