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March 30 on the National Mall: Fly a kite. (Luis Gomez Photos)

A few years ago, my good friend invited me to tag along with her and some coworkers for a day of picnicking downtown. I am not one to turn down a baguette, some early spring sunshine and some good company. So I went.

What I expected from the day was some hummus, some cheese, some light day drinking and some small talk. But what I ended up doing completely surprised me. I flew a kite.

Yes, you heard me correctly. I know. I am such a rebel. But I must admit, growing up, I didn’t exactly pack my schedule with kite flying. (Mostly it was packed with singing along to Mary Poppins and her tune on flying kites.) So there I was, full of hummus and flying a kite on the National Mall with hundreds of children. And it was a blast.

The Annual Blossom Kite Festival is upon us. The day-long celebration — which is part of the National Cherry Blossom Festival — takes place this Saturday, March 30, on the National Mall. The free event runs from 10 am until 4:30 pm.

So pack a picnic, a kite and some extra string. I’ll see you on the mall, kite fans.

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coffee, FrenchTwistDC, Flickr, Borderstan

It’s Hump Day. Treat yourself to a really good coffee. (Photo credit: FrenchTwistDC in the Borderstan Flickr Pool)

From Michelle Lancaster. You know the drill, talk to me @MichLancaster on Twitter.

Huge Fire at 14th and I Streets

Pretty scary-looking photos over at on the fire that broke out this morning. Apparently, a cooling tower was the source of the fire. The blaze was eventually brought under control and DC EMS was reporting no injuries as of this writer’s deadline.

Kite Festival Rescheduled to April 10

After the threat of Sunday snow, the newly renamed Blossom Kite Festival will now be held on the last day of the Cherry Blossom Festival. This is the first year the Smithsonian is not running the event, but the schedule of events should be familiar to kite lovers. See all the info at their site, including how to enter a kite into battle!

LOVE Sign Shows up at Dupont Circle

LOVE sign, Dupont Circle, Luis Gomez Photos, Borderstan

The LOVE sign in Dupont Circle. (Luis Gomez Photos)

I’m telling you, it’s there! I saw the pictures on Twitter, so it must be true. I guess everyone else has missed it so far, because I can’t find a report on it anywhere. Bonus points to the first reader that posts a photo (and yes, those points can be used for something real!) UPDATE: We got the photo!


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Sunday: Cherry Blossoms in Scott Circle NW. The statue is General Winfield Scott (1786-1866) who was commanding general of the U.S. Army for 20 years. (Luis Gomez Photos)

Mike Kohn has today’s Stuff for you, but surely there’s something he might have missed. Shoot him an e-mail or stalk him on Twitter @mike_kohn. He likes hearing from you. We promise.

Blossoms in Bloom

Hopefully, you’re all aware of these pretty little things that are blooming in the heart of D.C. That’s right, the Cherry Blossoms are here and the festival has begun. Starting this past Saturday with the official kickoff, the festival runs for two weeks with many events scheduled between now and April 10 (with peak bloom days from now until this Friday, April 1). You can find the full details over at the The Washington Post.

I love lamb.

And no, I’m just saying that because it’s in the room. If you love lamb, then place an order for lamb from New Asbury Farm, the lamb distributor at the 14th & U Farmer’s Market. They’re running some Spring Holiday Specials that you might want to take advantage of. Interested in getting your fill of meat? Place your order today at [email protected] so they can get it over to the American Ice House restaurant at 917 V Street NW for pick up on April 16.

Not Real Enough

What will happen to The Real Housewives of D.C.? It remains a mystery, according to DCist. Despite rumors proclaiming a final decision, Bravo is holding firm that they’re still unsure what’s going to happen to season 2. It doesn’t seem likely that the reality show will continue in our fair city, but we’ll wait with bated breath until the producers give the green light or the axe.

City Council Candidate Forum (and some shameless self promotion)

In case you haven’t marked your calendars yet, the Dupont-Logan-Foggy Bottom City Council Candidate Forum is coming up tomorrow at the Church of the Holy City at 16th and Corcoran Streets NW. You’ll have a chance to hear from 7 of the 9 contenders vying for Kwame Brown’s At-Large City Council position. In case that’s not enough of a draw, you’ll also have the opportunity to listen to Borderstan’s own Tom Hay, who will be moderating the event.

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