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I’ve lived in Washington for almost 16 years. When I arrived the city literally had a dead feel to it… frozen in time. Now, the construction of new residential, commercial and retail projects is overwhelming. When the boom began almost 10 years ago, it was fairly easy to keep track of what was happening. Not anymore.

One example is Mount Vernon Triangle, the area bounded by 7th Street, Massachusetts, New York and New Jersey Avenues. It’s practically a mini-neighborhood (“mini-hood”) going up east/southeast of the Convention Center.

Just ran into “The Triangle,” a new blog for the mini-hood… interesting to see what’s happening at MVT. Great map shows what projects are completed or planned — click on the buttons at top of map to see what is retail and what is residential.

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I’ve seen this subject discussed a number of places lately… the walkability of cities and neighborhoods and residents’ ability to live without a car. After reading a post at (below), I went to Walk Score and typed in 1620 15th Street NW, the geographic center of Borderstan. Our score is 98 — a “Walker’s Paradise.” Of course, I didn’t need Walk Score to tell me that.


“We’ve talked about D.C.’s walkability before a bit, but have yet to delve into the implications of the online tool at, which rates the walkability of cities and neighborhoods around the country. Walkscore launched in late May, and many other local bloggers noted the site then.

The online tool allows you to plug in your own address in order to receive a “walkability score” based on the closeness of amenities like grocery stores, bars and restaurants, parks, and so on. According to their rankings, D.C. is the seventh most walkable city in the country, behind the usual suspects like San Francisco and New York (which makes a lot more sense than this ranking). They rank Dupont Circle as the most walkable neighborhood in the city, with a 99 out of 100 score. Dupont is also the 17th most walkable in the nation – take that, Center City Philadelphia! Adams Morgan, Logan Circle, Downtown, and 6 other neighborhoods rank as “walkers’ paradises” with scores of 90 or above.” [emphasis mine]

Read entire post at dcist.


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