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Superbowl 2012: Are you ready? (Luis Gomez Photos).

From Scott Leibowitz. Find Scott on Twitter @Lebodome. Email him at [email protected].

As Sunday’s Super Bowl 46 approaches, I remember the cold, frigid, snowy night of February 3, 2008 in Talin, Estonia. The Super Bowl was being played, and the time difference meant that the 4th quarter started around 3 am — and I had been drinking quite heavily since kickoff.

I can remember watching the last drive of the game on my knees with a beer in hand unable to continually watch if my New York Football Giants could pull off the greatest upset of all time by beating the undefeated 17-0 New England Patriots.  Then this happened, followed by this, and GIANTS WIN! I ran out of the bar at 5 am into a blizzard, running down the streets showing off a metal bus sign I had “found” earlier thinking it said “Giants Win!” This was easily one of the best nights of my college experience.

I bring up this story because this Sunday in Super Bowl XLVI is the Rematch: Boston vs. New York (sorta, the team plays in Jersey)… Brady vs. the Younger Manning… Clam Chowder vs. Bagels… this game has it all. It’s been a fantastic season full of highs and lows, blowouts and another almost undefeated team.

Tips for Enjoying Sunday’s Super Bowl

But all good things must come to an end, until they become awesome when the Giants win the Super Bowl! But I digress. To get Borderstan ready, here are some thoughts and ideas that will hopefully increase your enjoyment and end the football season on a high note.

Location, location, location. Where are you watching the game? Two schools of thought here. The first being that it’s the biggest game of the year (and maybe my team is involved), so I gotta see this at a bar (here is list of DC ones and their specials for game day).

The second being that all I want to do is be comfy with friends, eat well and enjoy the game. I am in the second camp; I want to watch this game with tasty homemade treats and my feet up. Sports bars are great for big games, but this is one of the longest of the year (commercials, pregame, halftime) and someone’s home where I don’t worry about a bathroom line at halftime just makes sense.

This game is about football, not commercials. I have watched the game in various places with random crews over the years and one of my biggest pet peeves is that person who shushes the crowd when it’s a commercial. It’s just an advertisement! Companies were smart this year to leak their ads online beforehand (wow did Matthew Brodrick sell out). You can always watch all the funny ads the next week online in an easy one-page format. So if you are that person, please get excited for a touchdown, and not the new Apple ad.

Dudes and food. For some reason, any dude-organized or dude-centric event is just bound to fall short in terms of tasty food. Yes there may be some, but a collective effort is tough. To organize my viewing party I made a google excel spreadsheet for people to fill in; will let you know if it works. If you are going to someone’s house, DO NOT bring chips/dips/guac. Be creative. Buy a craft beer and do something else.

Tim Tebow is not in this game. No need to bring up his name. That is all.

Borderstan, I think this Sunday will be a real treat to everyone. For the fans of both teams and the league, enjoy, and for the people trying to act like fans to blend in with a trend and seem more normal, move your head, it’s in the way.

Prediction. Giants beat the Patriots 24-17.

What’s on my Mind: Football season is ending. This makes me a bit sad. Luckily March is soon….

Links! Links! Ice Cold Links!

  • Want to brave the outside and watch the game at a bar? Here. Drink your heart out.
  • Some classic Super Bowl ads.
  • Dunk of the year.

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"Borderstan", University of Maryland Terrapins

Hoops at College Park. (Scott Leibowitz)

From Scott Leibowitz. Find Scott on Twitter @Lebodome. Email him at [email protected].

I have it said it on many occasions and in previous columns, having a car in the district, while at times annoying, is a difference maker. It makes the city more available and easier to escape. Last week in search of college hoops, my car became especially helpful as thanks to my father the basketball coach, I got tickets and went to College Park to see some University of Maryland men’s hoops.

Many close friends of mine went there while I was at G.W. and not a single person disliked it and with a stadium like this, how could you not? The arena felt like that of a small professional team though my courtside seats also helped with my wow factor. As the game was during academic finals, it was not exactly well attended, but judging by its size and the passionate fans who did go, I can imagine when Duke comes it’s a different story. It was also on national television (ESPN) and because I was sitting behind the Maryland bench, I got on TV.

The other great reason to go to this game was their opponent FIU is coached by Hall of Fame point guard and destroyer of the NY Knicks Isiah Thomas. Every tri-state part of my body wanted to jump the rail and aggressively ask him for my lost decade of New York City basketball back, instead I watched his team lose while eating a hot pretzel.

Hopefully I will be able to get some conference game tickets, particularly either Duke or UNC. Beautiful facility and basketball tradition, College Park is worth spending some time on the Green Line (or car) to enjoy some hoops.

Enjoy Your Holiday Weekend Lebodome Style

NFL: Giants vs Jets Saturday at 1pm, Bears vs Packers Sunday at 8:20 pm. Also realized I play my girlfriend in the semi’s of one of my fantasy leagues (after dispatching fellow Borderstan writer Laura last week); I better win.

NBA: Welcome Back says the NBA with a full slate of games starting at noon. For me, it’s all about Boston and NYKnicks (noon on TNT) actually being a competitive rivalry again and the rematch of last year’s finals with Mavericks vs. Heat (2:30 pm on ABC). The late night Clipper game may be worth a glance to see how their new team looks.

Enjoy Some Chinese Food: I like to think General Tso was a cruel warlord who spread destruction and delicious chicken everywhere he went. Also everyone loves that red sweet and sour sauce with some eggrolls.

See a Movie: Right now I’m thinkin’ new Mission: Impossible movie, but maybe out of sheer laziness I’ll go with RedBox… let’s call it a gameday decision.

Have a great holiday, Borderstan, and a happy new year!

Thought of the Week

I heard D.C. may not get much snow this year…. whooray

Links! Links! Ice Cold Links!

All found by roommate.

  • So here is what Jay-Z‘s 99 problems are.
  • Tim Tebow meets Jesus Christ, thanks SNL.
  • New Batman movie trailer looks amazing, with NFL cameos.

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Lebodome, Borderstan, Scott Leibowitz

Lockout! Scott sums up the situation with the NFL and NBA. (Illustration by Luis Gomez)

Scott Leibowitz, Borderstan, Lebodome

Scott Leibowitz

From Scott Leibowitz. Find Scott on Twitter @Lebodome.

Of course the economy isn’t fixed yet; if it were, the NBA and NFL wouldn’t be in lockouts.

After watching President Obama‘s latest press conference on the budget negotiations, I had a thought that hit me like a linebacker sacking a blind-sided  quaterback (one of my favorite hits in the game):
the current  NBA and NFL lockouts are linked to our federal economy. All of these lockouts and struggles are no coincidence… America needs its football (and hoops) for our economy’s sake.

What is exactly going on? I am not an expert or lawyer so my next two paragraphs are loaded with links explaining both…



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