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In case you missed it, there was another¹ New York Times article on DC hipsterness last week, which comes closely on the heels of the Out magazine article on gay hipsterness in DC. The title of the April 26 piece is “All the Obama 20-Somethings” and it profiles some of the young White House staffers and their DC lives.

Worth noting is where many apparently live, which is here:

The young White House staff members have formed an unofficial enclave in an area north of the White House, where many live within a 15-minute walk from one another, settling in group houses and apartments in Logan Circle, Dupont Circle, U Street and Columbia Heights. The tiny but distinct neighborhoods bleed into one another, with nightlife emanating out from the U Street corridor. The area, part of which was ravaged during the 1968 riots, is gentrifying but still has a gritty feel.

Personally, I think gritty might be a bit hyperbolic; I suspect my neighbors who moved here in 1985 or so could explain gritty to the reporter. But as they say, it’s all relative. (Perhaps they were willing to take a chance on grittiness after Kal Penn led the way?)

Be sure to take a look at the map showing the favorite hangouts of our White House-connected neighbors: “A guide to bars, restaurants, cafes and a basketball court frequented by the 20-somethings working in the Obama White House.”

Included on the list are three favorites in this domicile: Java House (great lox, a nice patio and they roast beans), Rice (always very good) and Stoney’s (try the pizza). I point out these three establishments simply because we regularly patronize them. Perhaps we can attain White House-level hipsterness by osmosis or transference?

Also, don’t miss the reader comments on the article–they run the gamut from adulation to bitterness at the good fortune of the staffers profiled in the piece.

There is something of a breathless quality–the Vanity Fair- style staged photos are a hint–to the article and it is fairly lengthy. Overall, though, it is a well-written and interesting read, especially if you live in the Dupont-Logan-U Street area.

¹ Stimulus Programs That Roll at Night

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What are people in neighborhood saying about the 2008 presidential campaign? Borderstanian Diane Tucker talked to some local residents for this blog posting on Huffington Post’s “Off the Bus” series. The posting is, “Post-Convention Democratic Dip: D.C. Street Polling Serves Up Doldrums.”

WASHINGTON, D.C. — Political activist Tom Hayden and I have two things in common: we both attended the University of Michigan during the Pleistocene era and we both think Barack Obama will probably lose the 2008 presidential election.

For Hayden, the reason Obama will lose is simply this: a white war hero will always trump a black candidate who’s talking about the economy. That’s a seductive soundbite. But is it true?

Read full post. Note that you can comment on Diane’s posting.


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