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The owners of D.C.’s new ice cream roll shop plan to dole out free samples to celebrate the store’s grand opening this weekend.

IcyCode (2029 P St. NW) is slated to hold a grand opening party with free samples this Saturday, Nov. 12, from 3-6 p.m. When the store opens, it will serve Thai-style ice cream rolls in flavors like cappuccino, baked Alaska, chocolate mousse and green tea mochi.

According to a Facebook event post, Saturday’s party will be a “free tasting event” for people curious about the frozen treat.

The shop’s employees were hard at work making last-minute preparations when a Borderstan reporter visited IcyCode earlier today.

“We’re doing a lot of fun stuff,” chef and store concept developer, Yuanchi You told Borderstan last month. “I will put a lot of my touch into it.”

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new Dupont Circle ice cream shop could start serving frozen treats in a matter of weeks.

If all goes according to plan, IcyCode (2029 P St. NW) will open to the public on Nov. 13, according to chef and store concept developer, Yuanchi You. When the store opens, it will serve ice cream rolls, a frozen Thai-style dish that has caught on in places like New York CityLos Angeles and Boston.

You, who usually goes by the name “Johnny Hong Kong,” said he plans to elevate the ice cream rolls to the “next level.”

Some of You’s specialties are cappuccino, baked Alaska, chocolate mousse and green tea mochi ice cream rolls. Other forthcoming flavors include banana split, cookies and cream and s’mores.

“We’re doing a lot of fun stuff,” You told Borderstan. “I will put a lot of my touch into it.”

You added that the shop also will switch up its menu based on ideas from patrons.

“If a lot of people request whatever flavor, we will invent something new,” he said.

Is this the beginning of a new food craze here in D.C.? You thinks so. In fact, he said, the store’s owners are currently plotting out possible future expansions.

“We’ve already started to look for a second location around the D.C. area,” You said. “I think this concept will be everywhere.”

Photos via Facebook / IcyCode

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(Updated 4:50 p.m.) A video of a large rodent scurrying around inside a Dupont burger restaurant is making the rounds online.

The video, posted above, shows a rat running across a table inside the Dupont Z-Burger (2157 P St. NW) while a crowd of off-camera onlookers shouts and shrieks.

“This is f—–g disgusting,” says one person.

“We need the health inspector!” and “are you serious?” two other people shout.


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A San Francisco artist on a mission to paint 10,000 Buddhas across the world brought her project to Logan Circle this week.

Since Tuesday, Amanda Giacomini has spent the majority of her days perched atop a cherry-picker spray-painting dozens of Buddhas on the side of Flow Yoga Center (1450 P St. NW). Her goal: paint as many religious figures on the side of the building as she can.

The mural Giacomini is working on is part of a global art project inspired by a trip to the Ajanta Caves, a Buddhist monument site in India.

“In 2012, I started painting these little Buddhas,” Giacomini said. “The first painting took me almost a year. I did about a hundred of them on an eight-foot panel.”

Not long after, she explained, “I just had this inspiration… that I should paint 10,000.”

So, she set off across the country adorning walls with multicolored Buddhas. Not including her newest mural in Logan Circle, Giacomini estimates she’s painted nearly 7,250 deities.

Since beginning the art project on P Street earlier this week, she’s attracted dozens of curious onlookers and even a blessing from Buddhist monks.

“While you’re painting, especially in a city, you get so much wild interaction,” Giacomini said. “Some of it was so beautiful. This woman gave me this big mama bear hug.”

So far, completing this mural has been a challenge: Giacomini said she doesn’t usually paint this high off the ground. It’s been oppressively hot all week. Last night, a violent storm forced her to come down from the lift.

Still, it’s worth it, Giacomini said.

“We’ll probably be working until 8 p.m. tonight,” she added. “It’s been intense… with the height and with the heat and the lightning, it’s been an epic adventure.”

Photos courtesy Flow Yoga Center

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Logan Circle Lululemon, photo via Google Street View(Updated at 11:46 a.m.) A man who claimed to have a knife robbed a Lululemon Athletica store in Logan Circle yesterday evening, according to D.C. Police.

The crime occurred at the store (1461 P St. NW) just before 6 p.m. yesterday evening, authorities said. An employee at that location said the store was closed but would not comment further when reached by phone last night.

According to a police report we obtained this morning, a man entered the store and asked about getting a job there. He then walked over to the sales counter and wrote something on a yellow post-it note, the report said.

“This is a robbery. Don’t say sh-t,” the note read, according to police.

The man then walked behind the counter and asked a woman who worked there to open the cash register. When the employee said she didn’t know how, the man replied that he had a knife and “will cut you.” He also told the employee that he would kill her if she called police.

The man stole a cash box from the register as well as an iPhone and a driver’s license before fleeing the store, police said.

According to a DC Alert notice, police were on the lookout for a person described as:

B/M, 5’10”, 175 lbs., wearing a white sweatshirt and blue jeans.

The suspect was last spotted buying a Gatorade at the VIDA Fitness on 17th St. NW, according to police.

Photo via Google Street View

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Thomas Foolery (2029 P St. NW), which closed for a “holiday break” in December, will reopen under new ownership in the coming months, according to owner Steve Davis.

Davis said the playful hangout known for serving candy, beer floats and grilled cheese will remain closed while the new owner “[gets] his business together.” He added that, for the time being, the new owner wishes to remain anonymous. (more…)

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Photo via recently released Alcoholic Beverage Regulation Administration (ABRA) report has shed new light on an alleged assault that caused D.C. police to order Marrakech Restaurant (at 2147 P St NW) closed for 96 hours earlier this week.

According to the report, which seems to vindicate Marrakech of improper conduct, the fight that broke out among several men inside the restaurant around 2 a.m. on last Saturday was “quickly defused” by members of the restaurant’s security.

The initial notice of closure, as first reported by an anonymous reader on PoPville, said that Marrakech may have violated D.C. Official Code when a bouncer allegedly put a male patron into a chokehold and dragged him from the building while breaking up a fight. It also alleged that restaurant management failed to “report the incident to the 911 system” after it occurred.

The ABRA report details exactly what led to several patrons being ejected from the restaurant’s “Aura Fridays” event early Saturday morning.

According to the report, a patron (named as C-1 in the report) was dancing when he bumped into another patron (C-2), causing C-2 to spill his drink.

C-1 agreed to purchase C-2 another drink, at which point C-2 and “several others” began punching and kicking C-1.

C-2 was then ejected from Marrakech by security. He later reported to police that he was choked and dragged while being ejected by a bouncer.

But the ABRA report says that claim is unsubstantiated. Security camera footage taken from the night of the incident shows a bouncer flagging down D.C. police with a flashlight just two minutes after the scuffle began. And neither the camera’s footage, nor a report given by Officer Herbert Rose, a D.C. police officer at the scene, indicated that the bouncer choked or dragged anyone in the restaurant.

Furthermore, Rose said in an interview included in the ABRA report that he “has no idea why MPD would close the establishment, nor why there was no investigation conducted prior to making that decision.”

“Officer Rose stated from what he observed,” continued the ABRA report, “Marrakech Restaurant appeared to do everything within regulation regarding MPD and ABRA requirements.”

The report concluded that Marrakech was in compliance with its ABRA licenses.

At an ANC 2B meeting last night in Dupont Circle, it was announced the closure notice would be allowed to expire, and that Marrakech would be allowed to reopen.

MPD was not available to comment at the time this article was published.

Photo via

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2029 P Street NW. (Luis Gomez Photos)

On Friday morning, leave your granola at home. Washingtonian reports that P Street will be the new home to a retro-style donut shop — and it will launch a soft opening Friday, February 1.

The shop, called Cool Disco Donuts at 2029 P Street NW, is owned by Aaron Gordon of TangySweet and Drafting Table, among others.

According to Washingtonian, Disco Donuts will offer varieties such as glazed, Boston cream, crème brûlée, passionfruit glaze, chili-spiked Mexican chocolate and peanut butter and bacon from pastry chef Stephanie MacGlaughlin. A liquor license may also be in the works for “donut shots.” Talk about a good start to the day.

Friday’s soft opening will take place from 4 pm to 8 pm. The grand opening is scheduled for next Friday, February 8, from 8 am until 8 pm. Regular hours (after February 8) will be Tuesday through Sunday from 8 am until 8 pm.

Update:  There has been a controversy with the name Cool Disco Donuts, Jessica Sidman has the story.

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