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Dupont Circle, Logan Circle, U Street NW, Borderstan covers DC’s Dupont, Logan and U Street neighborhoods.

By Michelle Lancaster. Got news, a hot tip or want to complain about what is or isn’t in this? Let her know on Twitter @michlancaster or via email at [email protected].

RIP, Dupont South Metro Entrance

Just for about a year, anyways. If WMATA is to be trusted, and I will let you draw your own conclusions about that, it will not be resting in peace during 2012. No, intrepid workers will be toiling to bring the escalators up to snuff. Full story at DCist, including a justification of why the entire entrance is closed, rather than just one escalator at a time.

Vastu’s Studio Designs Highlighted

Vastu, the design and furniture store on 14th Street, knows their neighborhood — quite a few small studio apartments owned by people with big ideas and social lives. Check out this piece in Express to get some design ideas of your own. Some tips: make your furniture multi-functional, mount your bookshelves and use glass. Also in the piece are some great pics of the small spaces. And if you want even more, check out this video of a tiny apartment that turns into 24 different looks in Hong Kong.

DC Brau, Pizzeria Paradiso Turn Beer into Bread

It’s not exactly what Jesus did, but it is certainly in line with the charitable spirit. DC Brau owners Brandon Skall and Jeff Hancock decided to try their hand at bread, by using the leftover grains from the beer brewing process and Pizzeria Paradiso’s ovens. The results were reported to be like a rich whole grain bread. All loaves were donated to Bread for the City. Washington Post has the full story on their future food plans and other beer news. Good neighbor of the week award to DC Brau and Pizzeria Paradiso!

District Taco Finally Coming to District

Your days of staring at Food Truck Fiesta, willing District Taco to cross the bridge from Arlington, will be over soon. The first brick and mortar location will take the place of FunXion at 1309 F Street, Washington Post reports. While that location is a bit outside our coverage area, I’m willing to bet several of you work nearby. And the better news? The owners, Osiris Hoil and Marc Wallace, are scouting out additional spaces, including Dupont Circle. That’s good news to those still mourning the loss of Tomatillo Taqueria, the best (IMO) tacos in the area by a long shot.

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BorderstanFrom Michelle Lancaster. Follow her and tell her your news on Twitter @MichLancaster or email her at [email protected].

That’s right — our location was the first of Ruth Gresser’s popular pizza places, Pizza Paradiso, at 2003 P Street NW . If you go tomorrow, (Saturday the 12th), The Washington Post can guide you to some specials.

Today, the 11th, is 20 cents for your first beer (given their beer list, this is a must-not-miss occasion for anyone on a budget), and Saturday will yield deals on pies.

All deal talk aside, it is quite an accomplishment, particularly on that stretch of P Street which has seen so many places come and go, to make it 20 years in this town. Congrats!



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