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Police CarD.C. Police say they arrested one person and seized two handguns following a report of gunshots near the intersection of Elm and 4th streets NW around 5:30 p.m. last night.

Commander Jacob Kishter alerted the MPD’s Third District listserv of the arrest yesterday evening. “A quick response by nearby police officers and several citizens who called 911 we were able stop the involved parties,” Kishter wrote.

Police did not identify the arrested suspect or the charges brought against them when contacted earlier this morning.

There were no injuries or reports of property damage connected to the crime, say police.

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Police Car(Updated at 9:35 a.m.) D.C. Police closed a portion of 17th Street NW to investigate a suspicious package earlier today.

The 2000 block of 17th Street NW, located between U and V streets NW, was closed to vehicle and pedestrian traffic for a little over a half hour, said D.C. Police officials.

Police have since cleared the scene and reopened that portion of the street.

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Police CarA man was shot near the 1700 block of Columbia Road NW early Saturday morning.

Police say a man approached the victim and shot him around 3:30 a.m.

The victim was taken to the hospital with non-life threatening injuries.

Police are urging anyone with information related to the shooting to contact the Third District Detective’s office at 202-673-6918.

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1400 Block of T Street NW, Photo via Google Street View

(Updated at 2:40 p.m.) Police say two men and two women were stabbed in a domestic dispute that occurred Sunday night on the 1400 block of T Street, close to the bustling 14th and U street corridors.

The alleged assailant has been identified as 70-year old Manuel Antonio Ramos, of Northwest D.C.

Police confirmed this morning the attack left one woman dead, who they have since identified as 64-year-old Santos Ventura.

Police say one other victim was in critical condition this morning. The other two victims suffered non-life-threatening injuries.

Ramos was apprehended at the scene of the crime and has been charged with first-degree murder while armed.

Photo via Google Street View

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Police CarThe Metropolitan Police Department is on the lookout for police officers who deserve recognition for their work around the area.

MPD is accepting nominations from the public for the Washington DC Police Foundation‘s 10th Annual Law Enforcement Awards Ceremony. The event honors officers who gave “outstanding police service” or exemplified “community-oriented policing” in 2014, according to MPD.

Got a friendly neighborhood police officer you want to nominate? Locals can submit their nominations online until 5 p.m. tomorrow.

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May 10-16 is National Police Week. (Image: National Law Enforcement Officers Fund.)

May 10-16 is National Police Week. (Image: National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial Fund.)

This week, May 10-16, is 2009 National Police Week. According to the Web site of National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial Fund, “National Police Week, which occurs each year during the week in which May 15 falls, recognizes the service and sacrifice of U.S. law enforcement. Established by a joint resolution of Congress in 1962, National Police Week pays special recognition to those law enforcement officers who have lost their lives in the line of duty for the safety and protection of others.”

Local Events


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The MPD Third District headuarters are at 1620 V Street NW. A substation in Columbia Heights serves PSAs 302 and 304.

The MPD Third District headuarters are at 1620 V Street NW. A substation in Columbia Heights serves PSAs 302 and 304. East Borderstan (east of 15th St.) is in PSA 307.

From MPD’s Inspector Edward Delgado on the MPD Third District listserv on Yahoo! Groups:

I am happy to report that the murder that happened in the 1300 block of Columbia Road NW earlier this month has been closed with the arrest of a juvenile male. I thank all partners within the community that helped with the closure of this case. In addition I want to thank members of the United States Police for the recovery of key evidence in this crime.  I can assure you that we will continue our presence in Columbia Heights Village Apartments. – Edward Delgado

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For Police Service Area (PSA) 208, violent crime decreased 4% in 2008. However, property crime jumped 9%, which means that total crime increased 7% in 2008 in PSA 208. The big increase was thefts from autos, which shot up 28% in 2008.

Generally, PSA 208 takes in the Dupont Circle and Kalorama neighborhoods. West Borderstan is part of PSA 208 (from 15th to 16th and P to S Streets NW) while East Borderstan (14th to 15th Streets) is part of PSA 307.

Highlights and a table with detailed numbers follow.


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The Metropolitan Police Department has seven districts citywide. Borderstan is divided between the 2nd District (PSA 208) and the 3rd District (PSA 307).

Borderstanians: This message from MPD Chief of Police Cathy Lanier was posted on Yahoo! Groups on Sunday night, January 4. Chief Lanier provides some interesting, helpful statistics on D.C. crime–and she has some good news.

Happy New Years, everyone. Below some facts on where we ended our year with the help of our committed community members. We ended the year with huge victories on crime:

  • Violent crime down 5% citywide.
  • Biggest crime reduction citywide: MPD’s Fifth District.
  • All gun crimes were down by double digits:
    • Robberies with guns down 12%.
    • Assaults with guns down 14%.


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A reminder that the monthly Police Service Area (PSA) 307 Community Meeting is this Wednesday. Remember that East Borderstan (east of 15th Street NW) is part of PSA 307. PSA 307’s boundaries are from 9th Street to 15th Street NW and from L Street to S Street NW (see PDF map).

  • What: PSA 307 Community Meeting.
  • When: Wednesday January 7, 2009, from 7 to 9 p.m. PSA 307 meets every month on the first Wednesday.
  • Where: Washington Plaza Hotel at 10 Thomas Circle NW.
  • Notes: Come and meet Metropolitan Police Department (MPD) officers and other members of your community at the regularly scheduled monthly meeting of Police Service Area (PSA) 307. Neighborhood crime problems are identified and solutions discussed at PSA meetings.

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For Borderstan, fourth-quarter violent crime (October through December) is down 40% in 2008 while property crimes increased 24% in 2008 from 2007 in the same period. The big fourth-quarter increases are in thefts from autos and stolen autos. Overall, the fourth-quarter crime rate for Borderstan rose 13% in 2008 from the fourth quarter of 2007. However, the overall rate is still 15% below that of 2006.


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This article,”Rise in Young Killers Worries D.C.,” appeared in yesterday’s Washington Post:

Even in a year in which the homicide numbers barely budged, D.C. police and prosecutors see signs that don’t bode well for the future: an increase in younger killers, apt to open fire on crowded city streets, who could not care less about the damage they cause. Many young suspects put their heads down and even try to sleep during interrogations, according to D.C. homicide detectives. Others seem cold inside, with no sense of reality.

Read entire story online.

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MPD Web site.)

MPD’s Third Police District; PSA 307 is in the lower left-hand corner. (Image: MPD Web site.)

East Borderstan  now has an assigned foot patrol officer for the evening shift, according to George Kucik, MPD Third District Commander. His name is Officer Fred Fritts and he will focus on 14th and 15th Streets NW, paying paticular attention to the 1400-block of R Street NW. East Borderstan is east of 15th and part of Police Service Area (PSA) 307. Kucik says that Fritts will work closely with the patrols that are already on the beat in West Borderstan/PSA 208.



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