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Dupont Chillers update sign

Two stations on Metro’s Red Line will likely be hotter than normal again this summer.

The Dupont Circle and Farragut North stations will begin the hot season without air conditioning thanks to broken pieces of equipment known as “chillers,” WMATA said earlier this month.

“Both Dupont Circle and Farragut North stations are cooled by a common chiller plant that is located in the median of Connecticut Avenue opposite the Farragut North L Street entrance,” read a press release. “Delivery of chilled air to the stations has been disrupted by a leak in the underground line that runs between the chiller plant and the stations.”

In order to fix the problem, Metro will dig up a portion of Connecticut Avenue and repair that leaky line. Though the transit agency has said the chillers could come back online as soon as July, we all know Metro has an issue with unexpected delays.

So, we want to know: do you think Metro will actually fix these chillers by July, or are we in for a red hot summer on the Red Line?

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Dog in Logan Circle 2

Updated at 10:48 a.m. Friday: The National Park Service contacted us to clarify its rule regarding the park’s inner circle. As it turns out, some of the information originally given to us was “incorrect.” Humans and dogs alike are banned from entering the circle. The NPS initially told us that only dogs were banned from that part of the park.

We’ve updated this article to reflect the clarification.

Yesterday, we reported on a dog fight between some Logan Circle locals and the National Park Service.

The disagreement centers on whether dogs should be allowed in the small, fenced-off circle that surrounds the statue of Major General John A. Logan in Logan Circle park. (As an aside, it’s important to mention that leashed dogs are allowed to play in the surrounding park itself, just not the area around the statue.)

The NPS says dogs should not be allowed in the inner circle, citing possible damage to the statue and grass around it. But members of a group called Logan Circle Dogs are crying foul.

In the comments section of our article, one reader pointed out “there is also a dog park ‘ruffly’ 2 blocks away [from Logan Circle]. I understand using the circle for neighbors to take their dogs out for a quick potty break, but having dogs play around it when there is a good park nearby doesn’t make any sense.”


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You’ve probably heard by now that the National Zoo has two new red pandas.

The boy-and-girl duo, named Tusa and Asa, are the zoo’s first red pandas since the previous red pandas, Rusty and Shama, left roughly two years ago. (more…)

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14th and U streets NW

Prime real estate is available on U Street.

Last month, we reported that the storefront at the corner of 14th and U streets NW — formerly the cricket wireless store — is up for grabs. And just last week, CakeLove announced it would close its doors at 1506 U Street NW.

It’s safe to say some new businesses will arrive in the U Street corridor — and not just that bagel cafe everyone’s waiting for. We want to know: What kind of businesses would you like to see arrive on U Street? Weigh in by voting in the poll. Got specific ideas?  Tell us what you think in the comments.

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Atlantic Plumbing renderings(Updated at 12:29 p.m.) Have you heard the news? Shaw isn’t just Shaw anymore.

Earlier this week, “a healthy mix of journalists, tastemakers and culture vultures” gathered atop the newly opened Atlantic Plumbing Company building at 8th and V streets NW to raise their glasses and toast the official unveiling of a new neighborhood, “North End of Shaw.”

But what is North End Shaw, anyway — besides a hashtag and an unused Twitter account? Much like its ever-growing older brother Shaw, the area seems to have loosely defined edges.

If you’re Atlantic Plumbing, North End Shaw is a “bustling epicenter of creativity” and a neighborhood that’s “transforming into one of Washington D.C.’s hottest destinations.”

If you’re Washingtonian, it’s “a made-up neighborhood name that [developers are] using to distinguish their new development.” (Which is kind of the norm around here, points out Topher Mathews, who runs Georgetown Metropolitan.)

So, let’s put it up to a vote. What do you think? Is “North End Shaw” a valid neighborhood name? Do you think it should be called something else? Weigh in by voting in the poll and telling us what you think in the comments.

Photo via JGB

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We asked readers who attended the Inaugural ceremonies on the National Mall to rate the event’s logistics. In an extremely unscientific and unreliable poll of readers, 61 respondents (as of Jan. 31) said the following about Inaugural ceremony logistics:

Inaugural ceremony logistics were:

  • Excellent: 8% (5 votes)
  • Good: 26% (16 votes)
  • Fair: 21% (13 votes)
  • Poor: 16% (10 votes)
  • Really Bad: 28% (17 votes)

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This Borderstan dog is hopeful that an enclosed dog park is coming to S Street in the spring. (Photo by Luis Gomez.)tabby1-domesticcat-closeup

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Yes, this poll that I conducted here at (it was open to everyone, not just Borderstanians) is very unscientific and probably representative of very little. Take it for what you will. As of today, 131 people responded to the poll on what they believe will happen in 2009 with street crime in D.C. About 72% of poll takers believe street crime will increase next year in D.C.

Here are the results:

  • Street crime will decrease: 7.6% (10 votes)
  • Street crime will stay about the same: 20.6% (27 votes)
  • Street crime will increase: 71.8% (94 votes)

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