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Last night a neighborhood activist was robbed at gunpoint near the 1600-block of P Street NW.  The robbery occurred on the north side of Stead Park at approximately 8:05 p.m. in a poorly lit alley behind several apartment buildings. Two African American males, medium height, late teens or early twenties approached him and one displayed a small, revolver style handgun.  They took his wallet and coat, and fled on foot.  Police were on the scene within minutes, but were not able to apprehend either subject.

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MPD's Second Police District (click on image to enlarge).

MPD’s Second District. PSA 208 is in the lower right side of the map.

The monthly community meeting of MPD’s Police Service Area (PSA) 208 is this Tuesday, October 21, at 7 p.m. Location is the Third District Police Station (even though PSA 208 is part of the MPD’s Second District) at 1620 V Street NW. Meetings usually run 90 minutes to two hours. These monthly meetings are helpful for residents and police alike, giving everyone a chance to talk about public safety concerns, pass along information and get to know one another. West Borderstan (west of 15th Street) is part of PSA 208. However, East Borderstanians (PSA 307) are VERY welcome to attend. In fact, your participation is encouraged.

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