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Cupid Bar Crawl, photo via Project D.C.The promoters behind a once-imperiled Valentine’s Day bar crawl have won approval from D.C. alcohol regulators to move ahead with the event two months later than originally planned.

Cupid’s Bar Crawl, which was put on hold after hitting opposition from D.C.’s Alcoholic Beverage Control Board in February, will now take place on April 23, said Michael Bramson, a managing member at event company Project D.C.


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Nightmare on M StreetTwo St. Patrick’s Day bar crawls may not go forward as scheduled due to opposition from D.C.’s Alcoholic Beverage Control Board.

The board on Wednesday denied pub crawl applications for Project D.C. Events’ Shamrock Crawl in Dupont Circle and Lindy Promotions’ Leprechaun Lap planned to take place on U Street and in Chinatown and Dupont Circle.

Both pub crawls are scheduled to occur on March 12. (more…)

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Nightmare on M StreetABRA’s new emergency and proposed ruling regarding pub crawls now has the endorsement of Dupont Circle’s community leaders.

The rules, which were established on a trial basis last month, create a new event license fee for pub crawls, put a greater responsibility on organizers to clean up after events and give the board authority to veto bar-hopping events for any reason.

ANC 2B, the advisory neighborhood commission that covers Dupont Circle and the surrounding area, voted on a resolution to commend and comment on the Alcoholic Beverage Control (ABC) Board’s rules during its general monthly meeting last night.

“[Some recent pub crawls] have been pretty tremendous in terms of the negative impact on the neighborhood,” said Noah Smith, 2B-09. “Litter, public safety, trash, noise issues. We’re talking about hundreds and thousands of people coming to the neighborhood. … and there is nobody responsible for cleanup and public safety while this is happening.”

Smith, who introduced the resolution, added that he “applauds the ABC board for adopting these emergency rules.”

Though Smith said he thought the rules were “pretty good” overall, he did recommend a list of changes, including asking ABRA to notify the ANC of future pub crawl applications and create a rule that would penalize businesses participating in unlicensed pub crawls. Smith also suggested that ABRA create a provision “that assures more than one pub crawl is not licensed at the same time in the same area.”

Commissioner Mike Silverstein, 2B-06 and ABC board member, said three pub crawl applications have been denied since the emergency rules were established last month.

“Pub crawls can be helpful to an area if they’re done right and if they’re small,” Silverstein said. “But if you bring in too many people for a neighborhood to handle, you’re going to discourage retail and all kind of other things. If it’s too big for the neighborhood, it’s not appropriate.”

The ANC supported the resolution by a vote of 7-0-1.

Impacted businesses and members of the public will be able to weigh in on the new rules during a hearing at the Reeves Center (2000 14th St. NW) on March 2 at 1:30 p.m.

Photo courtesy of Golden Triangle BID

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Cupid bar crawlCupid’s Bar Crawl, an annual bar-hopping event scheduled to take place in Dupont Circle next weekend, may not go forward as planned thanks to a recent order from D.C.’s Alcoholic Beverage Control Board.

The panel on Wednesday denied a pub crawl application filed by Project D.C., the company behind Cupid’s Bar Crawl. The denial comes roughly two weeks after regulators issued new rules regarding bar crawl applications. (more…)

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A Halloween pub crawl attended by scores of people was a nightmare to clean up after, say several local businesses.

D.C.’s Alcoholic Beverage Control (ABC) Board held a fact-finding hearing on Wednesday regarding Nightmare on M Street, an annual pub crawl organized by events company Lindy Promotions earlier this year on Oct. 31.

Though direct transcripts of the hearing are not yet publicly available, Golden Triangle Business Improvement District’s (BID) executive director, Leona Agouridis, shared with Borderstan a letter she wrote to ABC board chairperson Ruthanne Miller in November.

In the letter, Agouridis expressed concern over “troubling conditions we found in the Golden Triangle on the morning of Sunday, November 1, 2015.” She also attached several photos that “show the outlandish amount of trash that our workers and businesses encountered the following morning, especially in the 1300 block of Connecticut, and the 1800 block of M Street.”

Agouridis wrote the Golden Triangle received complaints from local businesses that the bar crawl left trash and vomit strewn across the area. Additionally, Agouridis said she was told that “drunk and disorderly” revelers destroyed landscaping at one business and forced a clothing retailer to close early on the day of the event.

“The sponsors of this bar crawl profited from the activity, while the community around them dealt with the consequences,”Agouridis wrote. “As a result, the BID was uncharacteristically dirty through Tuesday morning, four days later, when we were finally able to catch up with cleaning the rest of the BID.  This is not productive for the BID nor for the city.”

Agouridis conclues her letter by asking that the board make bar crawl applicants pay a clean-up deposit ahead of an event. “If the city cleans up afterwards, then the funds should go to the city; if a BID cleans up afterwards, the funds should be transferred to the BID,” she said.

She also asks the board to review its current settlement agreements and “commit to a more proactive and positive approach to managing nightlife districts.”

Lindy Productions was reached by phone earlier today but was not immediately able to comment.


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